North Korean Businessmen outside of North Korea

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    From the Washington Post:

    If you wonder what the truth is about the truth of North Korea and what part of the western "truth" on NK is false

    then this Washington post story may be of interest.

    Take some care with it, the WP chose to illustrate the "story" with a photograph of a store in Dandong (a Chinese city along the common China-NK border) with Korean writing, that sells mobile phones, kind of giving an impression that it sells to North Koreans. That is very unlikely, in any case North Korea runs its own mobile (cell) phone network. Its a joint venture between an Egyptian company named between Orascom and the state-owned Korea Post and Telecommunications Corporation (KPTC). There are believed to be about 2,000,000+ mobile phone users in NK.

    The shop in the WP's pik will be selling to the approximately 2.5 million Chinese of Korean descent who live along the border.

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