I have some extra WTlibr. 2008 languages to give but like to get some more

by rocky 0 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • rocky

    Hello I can supply you if you like:

    Russian 2008 Romanian 2008 Hungarian 2008 Czech 2007 So please send me a private mail on this forum then I can send you the wished link(s)

    If you want it ask me the link(s) and please if you can offer me for this also some other versions let me know it...
    I like to get French version 2008, Portuges 2008 and maybe if exists like:

    Arabic, Turkish Persian (Farsi) Chinese, Denmark language.... or others if you have ...

    I already have Dutch German Italian Spanish Polish and Finnish (Suomi) and the other ones mentioned above... so you can also have links for the ones I already have...

    I hear you?

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