Anyone remember a story

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  • beksbks

    being written by a poster here. A woman, and she spoke of her youth, her father buring down the house, etc?? I would love to read that again, or read the next installment if there is one.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I hope you're not thinking of the terrible tragic story of Mario Balletta, who posts here as Utopian Reformist, who lost his youngest daughter when she died in a house fire set by his mentally disturbed wife, and his oldest daughter by court decree giving her to her insanity-inducing JW grandpaents, who did such a "fine" job with Tonya Fuller.

    If so, you got some of the major facts seriously skewed.

    The last messsage from Mario was relayed via LDH about 4 months ago.

  • beksbks

    Nope, not the one. This lady was writing a book.

  • beksbks
  • Snoozy

    Wow, that is some story!

    I too would love to see the next installment.

    I wonder what ESTEE is doing now?


  • Snoozy

    Well I read a lot of her threads she started and it seems she had a thing with one of the posters here fell in love with him and got a Dear John letter from him after meeting him.....then she moved to Canada I think...

    She posted about her kids..I remember one daughter that wouldn't associate with her..she was a JW apparently.

    Found a guy that liked to dance and called him Mr Estee...

    She talked about writing a book called "Phoenix of Faith" but all I could find was a religion called Faith by book.

    Interesting poster...

    Snoozy..will read more tomorrow...getting really sleepy now...

  • beksbks

    Hey thanks Snoozy!!!

  • satinka

    Hi beksbks,

    Lovely to hear from you! I had a link posted about my book, but I can't find it in a search any longer.

    I am now called satinka. My book is called "Phoenix of Faith" and it is available on my website.

    No religion, that is not me who you located. Religion has had its day, as far as I'm concerned.



  • satinka

    Hi beksbks/Berengaria, Comatose and clarity from the other thread at

    beksbks/Berengaria wrote,

    Anyone remember a story being written by a poster here. A woman, and she spoke of her youth, her father buring down the house, etc?? I would love to read that again, or read the next installment if there is one...This lady was writing a book.

    I can't believe I never saw this thread for me from four years ago. I guess I have not posted that much lately. Don't hesitate to PM me, as I do check my messages every time I log in.

    Comatose, thanks for your kind words and I'm excited to know of all the interest in the story.

    Clarity wrote:

    Found those first chapters of your book & now am waiting to read more, good stuff! Omg what a "father" you had!!! Anyway, Satinka, Simon was refining some of the many posts(?) on here a few weeks ago ........ maybe that is what happened to your stuff. I'll try to find it!

    Clarity, thanks for letting me know about the "refining" Simon was doing. It helps explain the weirdness. I had a post about my name change, but I don't see it in my posts anymore. Basically, the name ESTEE was a pet name given by a JW friend I knew when I was JW. I call her Gabi in my book.

    Also, for anyone local in the lower mainland of Vancouver, my book is available at Reflections Books, so that is one way out of the shipping charges. It is not available as an eBook.

    The book has grown to 368 pages and 43 chapters and talks about my entire life growing up and being a mind-controlled JW, until I left the religion in the year 2000 via disfellowshipping---and beyond. The df'ing truly was a door opening to freedom! And the door wasn't even locked! How good is that!

    I know I've said it before, but I have to say it again: I couldn't have done this writing without the support of JWN and I truly appreciate this forum. To me it was a lifesaver. When my mom was df'd a generation before me, she had no one. And she lived in a small gossipy town.

    And NO, I did not put smiley faces in my book!

    I love you all


  • clarity

    So did your Mom leave your Dad, or did her df happen after he died?


    Wow, I wonder if your Dad would have been as crazy if he had never been in a cult?

    My gosh you turned out pretty good (haha) for all the torture you had, poor little



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