My Resignation Letter

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  • AllTimeJeff

    I never did post this here. I am posting it now for posterity's sake. Its been a few years, but, its good food for thought. Esp for any lurkers who might be wondering why a Gilead trained missionary would leave.

    The original signed copy I am sure was read by more then one GB. Which makes my day....

    To whom it may concern: In early September, I came across a man in the ministry who was curious as to how Jehovah's Witnesses got the date 1914. As I explained to him in basic terms, it started with the count of the gentile times, (2,520 years) from 607 BCE. He was intrigued by our calculations, but was puzzled as to why we say Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 BCE, when "everyone else" has it as 586/587 BCE. Confident that I would be able to prove the date of 607 BCE, I went about to research further this date and to use whatever secular sources existed to prove it. He wanted to see proof beyond what Jehovah's Witnesses have published, so I therefore researched this thoroughly. Imagine my surprise to find that while Jehovah's Witnesses use certain ancient secular sources from Babylon and Persia to arrive at 539 BCE as the fall of Babylon , we at the same time dismiss these very same sources for EVERYTHING else related to the fall of Jerusalem . I couldn't understand this, but resolved that the "faithful and discreet slave" would no doubt have gone to great lengths to make sure that such an important date as 607 BCE could be verified. I also continued my research. I will not detail my findings, as I have since come to learn that the Governing Body has refused to look at such evidence or even acknowledge it. The Governing Body above all others knows the controversy of this date and of their own efforts at first to prove 1914 through historical references only to fail in that, then to squelch anyone who even suggested otherwise. At some point, it will be in the Governing Body's best interests to address this. Suffice to say that I have seen abundant and real proof that both 607 BCE and the related date of 1914 is a date propped up by questionable use of bible scriptures , questionable theology, and white washed history relating to the "modern day history" of Jehovah's Witnesses. The use of the word "bible chronology" in the Watchtower and Insight on the Scriptures always was impressive to me. I now see that it is a misleading "bait and switch" phrase that is designed to stop a person from looking at real historical evidence. The use of one date as a pivotal date by Jehovah's Witnesses, 539 BCE as the fall of Babylon is stretched and distorted. We discard the very same sources used to arrive at 539 BCE as the date of the destruction of Babylon and say they are inaccurate when it comes to the date of the destruction of Jerusalem !!!. Why? Because it doesn't fit with a preconceived idea, that of 1914 as being significant. At best, 1914 will go down as a great coincidence between World War I starting, and what a few people who followed C T Russell were looking for. This is disingenuous, misleading, and unfair. I am not disillusioned at all! I feel relief for the first time. My only strong feeling is that of disgust; that a few men who are themselves married to 1914 yet at the same time unsure of it, will use that "prophetic" teaching as a source of authority to appoint themselves as some kind of "faithful and discreet slave", and then try to use this authority control the thinking and actions of so many in the name of god!! Having gone to the Watchtower School of Gilead, I could never get over the fact that almost everything in the bible according to Jehovah's Witnesses, "prophetically points" to the "faithful slave" and its governing body. You even go so far as to compare the administrations of Rutherford to the prophet Elijah and Knorr to Elisha!! How arrogant!! What an unbelievable stretch to say that the bible "prophesied" the existence of Rutherford and Knorr!! I use this as one of many examples used by the governing body to keep their power base "scriptural" in the eyes of those that follow and support this organization! I am only disappointed in myself that I didn't scream out loud at the time this was being "taught". This is how one must study the bible to get close to God and Christ??? Absolutely not!! Yet you clearly go beyond what is written in the bible itself, saying that to be disobedient to the governing body is the same as being disobedient to Jehovah himself, though the governing body neither admits to being inspired or perfect. What a double standard! It wasn't a year ago that I almost died in service to "Jehovah" while in Cameroon as a missionary. Now, I see that my service was to nothing more than a group of misguided men. I was even considering taking up a difficult and economically questionable move to help out a congregation our circuit overseer said was in need! I have done all that I have done for Jehovah's Witnesses with real zeal, belief, and sincerity of heart. I willingly and happily sacrificed much. But now, I have learned that this is just another crazy group using the bible to fit their own agenda. I therefore find it necessary as of the date of this letter, to officially resign as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Because of personal issues, I am also divorcing my wife, -------. For her benefit, I will provide her with the evidence allowing her to remarry as a Jehovah's Witness if that is her wish, when in fact, I have such evidence honestly to give. My only regret is knowing that I will be leaving behind hundreds of friends that I have come to love very much. I realize how I will hence be treated. While I must accept this for the time being, it is my hope that all whom I have ever loved in this organization are or will be happy one day, although I have come to learn that such happiness will likely not result from their association with Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • BabaYaga

    Wow. Thank you for posting this, AllTimeJeff.

    It is simultaneously saddening and liberating to read.

  • zarco


    A wonderful letter. The men you wrote the letter to are not worthy of you. They are shameful, arrogant, ignorant and probably wicked men.

    All the best to you.


  • My Struggle
    My Struggle

    I wish that I could see their faces when they read this.

  • besty

    great letter Jeff - some truly profound thoughts in there that deserve much consideration

  • JWdaughter

    You said a lot without saying a lot(blathering). I wish I could do that.

  • AllTimeJeff

    An interesting side note (to me) although not the point of this thread.

    I can't tell you as an elder how many times I got my ass handed to me for not keeping correspondence on side of one page of paper..... 3 CO's 2 PO's all told me the same thing. Which was confirmed for me at Bethel....

    So perhaps you can imagine how happy I was to squeeze all that on one side of one page of paper. For some reason, I smiled heartily when I was finally done editing it.....



    Good for you, I resigned over much the same, only my wife came with me.

    They put a lot of emphasis on the faithful and discreet slave, on just two verses in the bible Math.24 45&46, surely if it was SO IMPORTANT why is there not more information elsewhere.

    Their whole structure is based on just these two verses, but it’s the main question the elders ask when determining YOUR loyalty.

    I am positive the elders can’t explain the true meaning !!

    As for 607bce well that’s a farce.


  • WTWizard

    This is what happens when you have to defend a lie. The Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger can ban using independent sources. But, it's only a matter of time before a householder is going to demand real proof of a subject (which is easy to come across these days). Then, once we find it, not only we embarrass ourselves in front of the householder for lying, but we are exposed to the very apostate material that they want to protect us from in the first place. The good ones will turn apostate at that time, while what's left is the crap that only recirculates the same stock arguments despite having them shot down repeatedly.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    Very good letter. I always enjoy reading letters of resignation. Thank you for posting it.

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