Charles taze russell had an affair

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  • jacethespace

    So what do you think did charles taze russell get a divorce because he was having an affair with the maid ?

    Here is a news report from the new york times in 1909

    Just click on the free pdf document and read.

    It says charles russell was divorced by his wife for kissing the maid.But when Russell is asked about it he says he doesnt know why his wife divorced him.

    intresting article.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    You can see the divorce court records on the net....he didn't but she accused him of saying in-apropriate things.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Thanks for the article. I don't think I have seen that before. When I was a JW I had heard the rumor that he had sexually abused a child. Seems the WTS could have put an end to that rumor by telling us that while Maria Russell didn't really believe he had committed adultery there was some inappropriate behavior going on.

    It's almost like they prefered for people to think he had sexually abused a child than if he had committed adultery.

    The person in question, Rose Ball, (as noted in the article) was NOT a child. Nor was she an orphan. Nor was she a ward of the Russell's. All quite easy to prove - as Leolaia and VM44 and a few others were able to prove with actual birth, death and court records.

    Did he really have sex with her? He never had sex with his own wife!!!

    We will never know.

  • badboy

    There is actually a publication called charles taze russell-child molester.

    also the wt logic seems to be ,she was a child,so ct russell didn't committ adultery.

  • Farkel

    :So what do you think did charles taze russell get a divorce because he was having an affair with the maid ?

    No. Ask Barbara Anderson about it. She is the world's leading expert on Charles and Maria. Furthermore, Chuck didn't file for divorce. Maria did. It was for cruelty, and Russell was crucified in Court by the Judge for his unbelievable cruelty to Maria. Barbara has all the documentation.

    Russell tried to get his members to take "the vow" (of chastity in marriage). Some did some didn't. If he was horny, he had a beautiful wife who was ready, willing, and able. The Rose Ball affair is a tempest in a teapot. Even Maria testified that she was convinced Charles was never unfaithful to her.

    He remained single after the divorce and was not seen in concert with other women the rest of his life.

    He was the first of three sexually dysfunctional Watchtower Presidents, although Rutherford could and did perform, it wasn't with his wife.


  • Cheetos

    Even if it was true, so what, most Witness's and people at large have had some trim heack he was only human.

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