The Shot Heard 'Round The World

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  • TMS
  • purplesofa

    TMS, what year?


    ps My fav time to watch Razorback basketball was with Todd Day, Lee Mayberry and Oliver Miller!!! long time ago!

    edited to add: I think you are homesick

  • dinah

    What about some Bama football? Throw us a damn bone!!!!!!

    GAWD Saturday has me nervous. Auburn hates our GUTS and wishes we would DIE. If they beat us it would F UP our world.

    Can we all get in a circle and pray to Bear Almighty?

    Aww, c'mon just one time.........

    I'll lead and I'm NOT covering my damn head......


    You led this state in football when the state couldn't (and still can't) lead itself out of poverty. But you did help integrate football as Wallace stood in the door. Bear, you took "fatherless boys" and worked their asses off---BUT made sure they got an education.

    Our boys have so much heart, cos our team had never sucked before like they have when we let Auburn beat us umm for the last SIX FREAKING YEARS

    God Bless Javier, God Bless John Parker Wilson and Coffee and Ingram and don't forget Upchurch.

    Bear, in the name of everyone above you.....looking around here in Bama.............

    In the bame of Paul Bryant amen.

    P.S. Be there with us when we win a National Championship. These boys have heart and they came here because of your legacy,

    Where is Dawg when you need him????

  • TMS


    That game was in '81. At that time Arkansas Razorback basketball was a religion in Arkansas. I worked in a Kroger Store in Little Rock where all the games were aired over the public address system, a practice common then in most Little Rock stores. Before that final shot, all of the customers in that mostly black store were frozen at the checkout counters. The employees were rigid at their stations. When that shot went in the celebration among customers, employees, managers was genuine and spontaneous. When the store phone rang, it was for me; my wife calling to convey the news.

    U.S. Reed, who hit that shot, was the one tripped by Larry Bird in the '79 semifinals. Reed was called for traveling on what was an obvious foul, ending Arkansas' chances.

    Arkansas' best team was 1978 with the triplets, as the late Al McGuire designated them: Sidney Moncrief, Ron Brewer and Marvin Delph. Sidney, who went on to star in the NBA, could easily have been elected governor of Arkansas in those years. Ron Brewer was actually the best athlete of the trio, but cocaine cut his career short. His son Ronnie now plays for the Utah Jazz. Marvin Delph turned down offers from the NBA to become a preacher. I think he sells insurance now.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Pistol Pete Marovich. LSU and Atlanta Hawks.

    May he rest in peace.

  • TMS

    I just read an anecdote from U.S. Reed. He and his wife were vacationing in Jamaica in 2006. As he came up out of the pool, a man said: "Are you U.S. Reed the man who hit that shot?"


  • purplesofa

    '81, had twins that year, did not get much basketball watching in!!!

    I worked in a Kroger Store in Little Rock where all the games were aired over the public address system, a practice common then in most Little Rock stores.

    It's amazing the excitement you can feel here when the hogs are playing. It may not be over the public address system but you can hear little radios behind the counter listening to the game where ever you go. And you are always asked, "What's the score?"


  • TMS

    My wife was just as fanatical a Razorback fan as I was in the 70's, 80's. She would discreetly exit meetings to tune in to the car radio. On her return, elders would whisper "What's the score?"


  • stillajwexelder

    When I read the thread title - I thought you meant the shot that killed Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 in Sarajevo

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