Who is resurrected into the 1000 year reign?

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  • bob1999

    The WTS teaches that those that make it through Armageddon and others.

    From their own bible
    "And I saw thrones, and there were those who sat down on them, and power of judging was given them. Yes, I saw the souls of those executed with the ax for the witness they bore to Jesus and for speaking about God, and those who had worshiped neither the wild beast nor its image and who had not received the mark upon their forehead and upon their hand. And they came to life and ruled as kings with the Christ for a thousand years.
    (The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended.)"

    By the time we get to verse 12 we are after the 1000 years.

    verse 12;

    "And I saw the dead, the great and the small, standing before the throne, and scrolls were opened. But another scroll was opened; it is the scroll of life. And the dead were judged out of those things written in the scrolls according to their deeds. 13 ;And the sea gave up those dead in it, and death and gave up those dead in them, and they were judged individually according to their deeds"

    Second question; Why do the dubs say they don't believe in hell?

    verse 10;

    "And the Devil who was misleading them was hurled into the lake of fire and sulphur, where both the wild beast and the false prophet [already were]; and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever."

    Even if they don't believe in hell for man, it is clear that the devil, the wild beast and the false prophet will be in hell "tormented day and night forever and ever".

    So there is a hell.


  • Snoozy

    I wonder if they believe someone may accidently get killed at armageddon?
    Would they be resurrected?

    I can't remember the teaching on that.


  • Farkel


    It might help a bit if you would actually provide the entire Biblical quote, instead of just verses. Now some of us know it is the fantasmagorical idiotic fantasy that is otherwise called the "Revelation", but dubs aren't that informed. They need to be spoon-fed pablum: book, chapter, verse. Flash cards wouldn't hurt, either, if you can provide them. After all, these are dubs we are talking about.

    No there is no hell after death in the Bible, probably even for Satan. Hell is much less worse than that for dubs. They suffer in hell while they are still alive and for the whole time they are alive. Biblical hell for them would be a relief: no elders to kiss up to, no vicious gossip to worry about, no COs grading their performance, and no GB making their entire existence miserable and full of guilt.


  • oompa

    could it be that this particular book is a bunch of foolish bullcrap that is so ridiculous that nobody could EVER figure it out...i did not know they had lsd back then.........oompa

  • VM44

    No one will be "resurrected" into the 1000 year reign.

    According to Watchtower doctrine a bunch of clones will be "created" and their brains will be imprinted with the memories and personalities of the people who lived before and died. (I really don't see how this recreation will benefit them!)

    So the world of the future will be populated by a great many "reproductions" or "copies" of people who think they had lived in the past but who haven't really.

    Not very much of a hope is it?

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles
    And they came to life and ruled as kings with the Christ for a thousand years.

    Because they think that we are at the end of the 1,000 years reign, and they are sitting on the thrones in heaven in the first resurrection. You know the people who will not be judged by Jesus but are judging people right now. Also they will take the place of the fallen angels and fight the battle with Michael the Archangel You know the bride class or little flock!

    They came to life and ruled as kings: are the faithful 144,000 who are dead. WTBTS has a recorded of the remaining living 8,000!

    Now that is a silly doctirne!

  • Cheetos

    Haa! My first marrige was Hell" to me.

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