Article in Times (UK) newspaper today about Bretheren

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  • dozy

    There is an article in todays Times newspaper about the Exclusive Brethren which is a not dissimilar group to the JWs in th UK ( shunning , no xmas , everyone outside of the group is worldly & bad association etc. ) There is a 2 spread page inside the paper with experiences from those who have been disfellowshipped etc.

    The Charities Commission are looking into the group which claims millions in tax reliefs. I get the impression they are starting to clamp down on the many religions / pseudo religions that claim this.

    Unfortunately it is behind a paid firewall but I'll try to upload the article later as a PDF.

  • cofty
    I'm sure the Exclusive Brethren lost charitable status a few years ago. It looks like the CC have been bullied into backing down.

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