Told my JW mother about the report on Nightline!

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  • truthseekeriam

    Even though we have agreed to not speak religion, I thought this was something she would want to see, especially because she knows the struggles we have been through because of what happened to our daughter.

    After watching it she actually agreed things need to change in their policy's and that the congregation should be warned.

    She also said Kendrick and his wife made fools of themselves.

    I have a feeling more witnesses then not would agree with her....however, how they feel and what they do about it is two very different things. They are completely powerless in their religion!

    It takes all of us wicked apostates to force the hands of their leaders through criminal trials and civil lawsuits. They should be thanking Candace Conti instead of vilifying her.

  • flipper

    TRUTHSEEKERIAM- Good for you in telling your JW mom about it. I've talked to my JW mom about the Conti, Lopez and Oregon JW child abuse cases recently and she says the same thing as your mom does, " WT Society needs to CHANGE their policies " and my mom at 87 years old has been a JW since 1951. It's a good thing when we can make these JW's aware of what's going on in their organization- because they won't hear anything over the platform about child abuse within their ranks. They'll only hear GB member Lett making excuses and saying it's " ridiculous " that apostates say that WT Society is putting children in danger.

    On the way to work today I'm going into my little town and I'll be leaving WT child abuse news printouts with the JW's who stand by the JW cart doing their preaching. Going to let them know what's happening. People need to hear about this. Good job Truthseeker ! Keep the good work up

  • millie210

    Now I am wondering if the GB got tipped off about the Nightline piece being prepared and that is why the comment by Lett a couple of weeks ago?

    If so, that tells us what they are thinking about the Nightline piece. They are going to run with the phrase "apostates pickin on Gods people".

    Really? It wasnt "apostates" that molested Candace Conti. It was a brother in good standing.

  • ABibleStudent
    truthseekeriam - I have a feeling more witnesses then not would agree with her....however, how they feel and what they do about it is two very different things. They are completely powerless in their religion!
    I strongly disagree! The WTBTS's BITE mind manipulation techniques make JWs prisoners of their own minds.

    JWs have lots of options without fading, DA'ing, or being DF'ed. JWs could stop donating money to the WTBTS, JWs could stop handing out WTBTS propaganda - throw it in the recycle bin instead - , JWs could cover-up the WTBTS QR code with a QR code for or write on propaganda that they do handout, JWs could study the Bible with new recruits instead of trying to indoctrinate them with WTBTS propaganda, JWs could stop telling elders about what other JWs are doing that would get them DF'ed, JWs could write to their Congressional representatives about revising the Tax Code to Protect Children from sexual abuse like I wrote about in the thread Revise Tax Code to Protect Children from Sexual Abuse, or JWs could write to State politicians about eliminating civil and criminal statue of limitation laws for violent crimes when "undue influence" is used like I wrote about in a Linkedin Group Discussion Uniform Third-Party Civil SOL Reform: Heal Now, Deterrence, and Justice or Punishment? . None of the aforementioned ideas would cause a JW any adverse consequences, except possibly not donating a monthly donation pledge to the WTBTS, because elders are unable to monitor all activities that a JW does.

    Peace be with you and everyone, who you love,

  • truthseekeriam
    Good points ABibleStudent.
  • NewYork44M
    The ABC news presentation was very powerful. Over time we will se significant repercussions from what was shown. If your mother watched, which it looks like she did - there is no question that what she saw will open unanswered questions.
  • exwitness2
    I just wish this news would become really mainstream so that the Witnesses in Australia start talking about it.
  • exwitness2
    truthseekeriam I am sure this will start your mother off into a questioning frame of mind, especially when she sees that the Governing Body or her elders care little about this information. She will find that she may as well be talking to a cardboard cutout with no sensible answers coming forth. This is when you know that it is not the truth.

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