the FDS wants us to FORGET life giving troof

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  • hamsterbait

    Sundays Witchtower gave us an "ADJUSTMENT" to the understanding of the parables - which had previously been explained by "the pages of this magazine" ( yeah it isnt the gibbering buddy - the litterature writes itself)

    As Christ predicting the alleged "GreatApostasy" as touted by the Witchtower Babble and Trash Society.

    I Had not been for a while.

    I sat in splendid isolation.

    ANYHOW - during the study , on the noo adjustment of the parables on the dragnet, mustard seed and leaven:


    The study conductor when the footnote was read (this is an adjustment of WT (Contradiction) of such a date) said and I quote:

    "So the older magazines explained things differently - but the SLAVE wants us to forget this now our understanding has "MOVED ON"

    In other words:

    "One Steaming Pile of Life Giving Truth" has been replaced YET AGAIN by something that contradicts it (In Witchtowerspeak "SEEMINGLY to the opposite") Please forget what you told the public previously. (The Generation of 1914 has been swept under the carpet.)

    I have become sick of quoting litterature and then being shot down by witlesses:

    "but that is in the OLD BOOKS"

    Next time this happens I plan to say

    "In 20 years time this too will be old books - another pile of steaming life giving crap for the trash bin."


  • carla

    So are they excited by the new light?

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