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    September 2003

    For some of us; whom are still present.


    OK: not many whom are here from SE Michigan and the furthest reaches of SW Ontario - who did NOT meet us then; well, we're hoping you are all coping well.

    SO much has happened since then.


    Detroit: was my first 'ever' apostafest - despite how small it was.

    But the people whom were there; were amazing! I don't doubt that they still are.


    It's NOT the murder capitol of the United States; do some research. Chicago took 1rst place a few times and places I would not have immagined.

    DETROIT: let's hope Martha Reeves can create a 'Heatwave'. (she's a Detroit city councillor)

  • Junction-Guy

    Detroit was alot better than I expected, and it didn't seem as dangerous as it is portrayed. I felt safer in Detroit than Tampa Florida.

  • QuestioningEverything

    I love Detroit!!! I go there 5-6 times a year with my family for different summer festivals and plays. You have to use common sense no matter what city you go to. We have never had any problems when going there. I won $200 at the casino. Great Casino's also. They get a bum rap but it is certainly not the worst place to visit by any means. GO PISTONS!!!

  • hillbilly

    I lived in Michigan (off and on) for over 20 years.. South.West Michigan native. I travel to Detroit (metro or downtown) only when I have too... I visit Chicago from time to time because I want to. Those two cities are 'night' and 'day'.

    Once you get out of Greektown and the Casino area Detroit is pretty dismal. The suburbs like Rochester Hills, etc are pretty nice.

    The actual City of Detroit is so far from what it was 40 years ago it's a crying shame. And for all the money the rest of the state had dumped into the City's no better. I;ve heard the opinion that when a city gets in the shape of a place like Detroit it's just about impossible to fix it.

    Grand Rapids is the premere big city in Michigan.

    Just my opinion.


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    I'm still in the D

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