White flight from the UK

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    All i can say is "Enoch Powell"

  • besty

    thanks for posting MD - as an emigrant family from the UK to the US it was a nice reminder of one of my main reasons for leaving the UK - to get away from The Daily Mail -

    - a right wing tabloid that has an anti-immigration 'we're Engerlish and we don't like your type around these shores' agenda, pandering to a slobbering lower middle class that don't read books, but rely on said Daily Mail to keep them up to date.

    Emigration from the UK has been going on for many centuries, and 70k per year may be a recent high but is low by comparison to longer term figures

    http://fsr.emv2.com/online1837/web/images/Total.gif this is just for Australia and New Zealand and you can see that 500k+ per annum was not uncommon - in fact the only period it dropped as low as 70k was during WWII.

    Of course the Daily Mail won't tell you we are experiencing a historical low period in emigration - the point of the story is not too confuse the reader with contextual details, but to tell the reader what to think - you might call it propaganda.

    WRT immigration London is a melting pot. I lived there for 10 years so although anecdotal I believe my experience to be typical. Eastern Europeans are welcomed - they are hard working, helpful and friendly - they show the Brits up when it comes to work ethic. I'd go so far to say that immigrants are - popular! (Of course if you are a welfare scrounging lazy Brit expecting the State to take care of you or a tradesman used to charging £200 for 2/3rds of a days work then you may have a different view)

    Hammersmith in London has a huge Polish population and you can see from the story below that the local government issue is one of funding calculation formula, not a desire for the Poles not to be there:


    Personally I was an unashamed economic immigrant to London from Scotland and spent the first six months on a friends sofa, so I have a soft spot for immigrants and am happy to see them do well.

  • BluesBrother

    As one who is familiar with the U K media, I just say that I agree with Besty's opinion of the 'Daily Mail'

  • besty

    Thnaks BB - do you partake of a daily journal yourself?

    I read (online) stories from the telegraph, the times and the guardian, sometimes the independent

    Course I prefer the Times given that I work for News Corp - good to know what the old fella thinks on any given topic ;-) can't beat the Currant Bun for a headline though....

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