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  • LouBelle

    I went to a buddhist retreat & spent a weekend meditating, learning to be quiet & practice the 'art' of being. It's difficult to describe 'being', in a way it is total acceptance of all that is & is not in this very moment. All in all it was a great experience & I'm going back again. There is peace in that way of life & nope not becoming a buddhist. Trying new things cos I can.

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    Sounds like a lot of Bull to me, but if it makes one happy, and your not hurting others then why not.

  • BabaYaga

    Meditation changes everything.

  • Satanus

    Congratulations, and welcome back. There are a few different kinds of 'being' meditations. I am also working on one, at the moment. Meditation is a slow progress practice.


  • quietlyleaving

    Meditation is great - it is a whole new way of experiencing for me. It makes time more stretchy and elastic. Whereas, as JWs we were taught to hurry time along by focusing on the end of "this wicked world". Meditation enables an experience of slowing it right down and in so doing stretches it. I guess then, that during that elastic time, we can develop the sentiment of our choice. Music has a similar effect imo. (Is that what the apostle Paul meant when he said "buy out time for yourselves")

    Strangely enough we have some buddhist mediation clases starting up in our area. I've never done it in a group, so am going to make an effort to go along.


  • hamsterbait

    I subscribed to the ARO meditation course in Shi ne. learning how to be totally present has been a real revelation. I didn't realise how much time we spend distracting ourselves from being here now.

    It can seem a waste of time - but if just being is a waste of time then you are devaluing the most fundamental aspect of what you are.

    Experiencing this moment now is the only thing we have, as the future does not exist, and the past is gone forever.

    Most of those who say it is a waste of time, have never tried it, or have a very low boredom threshold - or translate what they read about it into something else, usually related to monotheistic religious traditions.

    Just DO it - "suck it and see..."


    As for slowing down time - that happened so often at the kingdumb Hell, that I knew that it is possible at least to think you are living forever, because time stands still, by dying of boredom.

  • Hope4Others

    Sounds exciting Loubelle .....I have a hard time quieting my mind enough to meditate...its

    a work in progress to try to accomplish...


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