The Hebrew Aleph at the behinning of creation and the bet meaning

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    The Hebrew Aleph at the beginning of creation and the Bet meaning.

    Hebrew letters reveal the beginning of creation. Lets look at their meanings

    The Hebrew Aleph is the same as our A but our A dose not have a symbol attached to it. Interestingly the Aleph is silent. This is because the Aliph is YHWH in the beginning. The letter Bet is Yeshua YHWH simply started creation with a point. That first point of creation is the Word who is the beginning of time and the word spoke creation into consciousness through vibration or frequency. Yeshua the Bet in the Hebrew alphabet is the beginning of the house. Without the house nothing can exist. The letter bet has a symbol and it is the house

    Take a compass and start drawing the flower of life, what do you have to do?. You have to start with a point dont you?. The flower can be drawn infinitely. It all started with sacred geometry. You are now starting to understand the beginning of creation as you draw the flower of life. Nothing can be drawn without that single point can it? .Now think of YHWH using his flower of life in the beginning to create the house of consciousness.

    Now lets consider the single point of existence. This is Yeshua the BET. Yeshua is so unique in all creation because only he was directly created by YHWH, That makes him special. Yeshua is that single point and nothing can exist without that single point. So Yeshua is the single point of consciousness. The letter Bet (house of consciousness ) came through the Bet Yeshua. Why? Because Yeshua is the first dot in the flower of life the house the bet. .Yeshua and his father YHWH in the beginning both began creating the flower of life. This is sacred geometry and its like scaffolding that can be removed after the builder is finished. All creation came through Yeshua and for him. The Hebrew aleph bet is a story from beginning to end about Yeshua. It has revealed YHWH plan for thousands of years

    Look my friends all creation is based on the flower of life. This is sacred geometry. Think about this, the creator of the flower of life lived outside the Bet (the house) because he is the creator of the house, the Bet. That’s why the Aleph is silent. He was alone and only existed. NO one was around to recognise his exsistence. So YHWH created the Bet = Yeshua and now he was known to exist. This secret is all in the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

    flower of life

    Now Rev 2:8 is referring to Yeshua as the first and last but in what sense? Jesus was the first to die as a real human and be resurrected into the most holy. No other human can jump ahead of Yeshua regarding entering the most holy as High priest. Yeshua fulfilled the greater holy and most holy. He gave up the curtain (his flesh) and entered the most holy heaven. He was the first human to be resurrected to heaven and the last too. How? Because after Yeshuas resurrection all others resurrected to heaven will be through Yeshua. He is the Bet and must be first in all things. No other human apart from Yeshua will be resurrected directly by YHWH.. So he is the first and last in this sense. This scr below in context is talking about DEATH and LIFE.. Rev 2:8 “And to the angel of the assembly in Smyrna write: These things says the first and the last, who became dead, and lived”

    People say that Enoch went to heaven. How can Enoch jump ahead of Yeshua in the temple arrangement? He cant. The Temple arrangement is all to do with Yeshua. Jesus is the first to go through the curtain into the most holy .He makes the way possible for others. The Temple arrangement is what the Word =Yeshua fulfills. He must be first in all things because he is the letter BET in the Hebrew Aleph Bet the house of existence. The house in heaven comes through the BET Yeshua
    So Enoch was dead until YHWH opened the curtain for his son Yeshua to enter the most holy. A new Consciousness awaits some who are to enter the most holy

    I will go on to the next Hebrew letter and explain its meaning regarding Yeshua soon on my blog link below

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  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Critical thinking skills? You need some.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I therefore assume you are familiar with Jewish mysticism, including Kabbalah.

    Another related aspect is Gematria. The Jews assigned a number to each of the 22 Hebrew letters, which means that every word has a numerical value. A number is thus a series of letters, regardless of their sequence. The Revelator makes reference to this when he speaks of the number of the name being 666 (or 616 according to some sources). The word G_d has a number but this sacred number is never mentioned.

    Their is nothing new in the speculative mysticism you speak of, but it does hint at mysticism in Hebrew writings that is missed by the 21st century Western mind. I thus feel that your cartoon shows lack of respect.


  • freemindfade

    I see you used the rabbit... interesting choice as this animal is inclean/not kosher. Also the Hebrew bible said this animal chewed it's cud....

    bible = uncientific

  • artcritic

    Mason you say "I thus feel that your cartoon shows lack of respect". I did not draw this cartoon. The numerical value of the letters must be worked out through Greek not Hebrew as you know 666 in Greek. The 22 letters of the Hebrew are a story of Yeshua ending in the cross. The cross is the end of the story. The TAW

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I simply pointed out that the essence of your post reflected the well-known practice of Gematria in which mystical Jews located hidden meanings through assigning a numerical value to each of the 22 letters of their alphabet. The values are listed at various places on the web, such as at

    Personally, I see this process to lie within the area of mysticism, such as practiced by Kabbalists. If you find mysticism interests you, that is your right. I thought it only proper to point out the nature of your position.

    From a quick look at the www for Kabbalah, I found this to provide an objective account:


  • Viviane

    Look at the first letter of Arthur Fonzarelli's name. It's an A. Alpha, the beginning. Fonzie is the beginning, god. How do we know this? His name, Arthur, rhymes with "author", the source. The Fonz says "eeeehhhhhh!" and things happen when he. He speaks (logos) and things happen. He is the author of existence. He makes things happen merely by his logos. He has a holy chariot, his motorcycle. He is surrounded by beautiful women, virgins and temple concubines alike. His be friend is Richie Cunningham, clearly a message from the author that he wants us to be rich, cunning as a serpent and to enjoy ham. He often solves the problems of those who remain close to him. He wants to help us.

    This is so obvious to anyone who wants to put the time in to learn it.

    Lest you think this post has jumped the shark, I remind you that the Fonz literally jumped a shark while wearing a leather jacket, something no human can do, thus proving his divinity.

  • Crazyguy
    The oldest version of the word Aleph was a pictograph and it was the head of a Bull with horns. Their god was a Bull god named El he is their alpha.

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