The sower can't be Jesus

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  • Bonnie_Clyde
    14. Who is this sower? Some in Christendom believe that this refers to Jesus himself. But how could it be said that Jesus sleeps and does not know how the seed grows? Surely Jesus is aware of the growth process! Rather, this sower, like the one mentioned earlier, represents individual Kingdom proclaimers, those who sow the Kingdom seed by their zealous preaching activity. The seed that is cast to the ground is the word that they preach.*

    Clyde's friend was just here and brought us the Koolaid edition with the study article about "God Who Makes It Grow?" (studied on 9-21-08). He mentioned the point about the sower being God's fellow workers and not Jesus. I pulled out my Bible and read Matthew 13:37. I asked how the WT could change what the Bible said. He had no answer.

    Anyway, what do you posters think of the reason why the WT thinks the sower couldn't be Jesus?

  • Gopher

    I think they take things out of context for a purpose. In this case, it's to emphasize their doctrine that all Christians are to be preachers (and somnambulent ones at that?). Of course, the Bible doesn't teach all Christians are to preach, but the WTS needs their rank-and-file to believe that it does, so as to make them more willing to slave for Jehovah the organization.

    So if the sowers are "Kingdom proclaimers", that must mean the witnessing propaganda-spreading activity of the people calling themselves Jehovah's Witnesses was foretold by Jesus himself !!

  • sir82
    I pulled out my Bible and read Matthew 13:37.

    Different illustration. The WT study article covered Mark 4:26-29. Matthew 13:37 is a different illustration entirely. Jesus gave more than one illustration about "sowers".

  • aligot ripounsous
    aligot ripounsous


    I think that the 2 narratives in Mark 4 : 26 and Mat. 13 : 36 are referring to the same parable about the wheat and the weeds. In both gospels, the account is situated between the parable about the sowing in the rocky soil, etc. and the parable about the mustard grain.

    Part of de discrepancies can be explained by the fact that Mark's narrative is more concise. For example, it says that the sower sleeps, when Matthew reads "while the men were sleeping". You may remember that the society teaches that Solomon building the temple means in fact that he got the temple built by his workers. The same reasoning could be used here but the WTS just forgets to apply it because differenciating the 2 accounts suits their purpose, which is assimilation of the sowers in the first and the second parable in Mark's, and only Mark's account, the one where we don't read that the sower is the son of man, and leaving aside Matthew's parallel account. dishonest approach, we'll all agree.

    Now, trying to answer Bonnie's question, we notice that in 21 and 28 sept study articles, they apply right now events which the Bible says will occur at the conclusion of the system of things, namely, harvesting in the wheat/weeds parable (which they say represents those who study with the JWs coming to chistian maturity) and the sorting out of fish, which they say is operated now, whereas Matthew says that it is performed by angels who throw the wicked in the fiery furnace.

    My assumption is that the WTS holds that view for the reason that they want to get JWs accustomed to the idea that Armaggedon is not for tomorrow morning and not even for the day after tomorrow, and the society gradually adopts a long term perpective which will justify her being still around in 50 years from now, as a mainstream religion. In addition, this stand allows R&F JWs to have the satisfaction of seing right here and now the result of their preaching work : harvesting and selection of fish. Did anyone say manipulation ?

  • sir82

    Interesting, I hadn't considered that.

    Guess I've got some reading to do! And in something other than a "Watchtower"...

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