Marshall law

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    There is a thread and someone is talking about marshal law, so I looked it up.
    (If some one can make this click able)
    wiki, talks about JW's. I find that interesting.

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    What the heck did JW's have to do with that? Why in the world did someone include that in the question, other than to squeeze in a witness and count the time?

    What is martial law?
    In: War and Military History



    Among aspects of martial law are censorship of radio and newspapers, prohibition of the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages, prohibition of gatherings of more than five persons in the street, and requirement of a permit from the local military authorities before any public meeting can be held. Religious meetings inside buildings are tolerated by the authorities and, of course, these are held at hours not conflicting with the curfew.

    for example--Around the earth today, congregations of Jehovah?s Witnesses gather on the date corresponding to Nisan?14 for the Memorial of Christ?s death.In rare cases, martial law has been in effect with armed soldiers barring citizens from being out-of-doors after sunset.


    1. Temporary rule by military authorities, imposed on a civilian population especially in time of war or when civil authority has broken down.
    2. The law imposed on an occupied territory by occupying military forces.

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