Anyone need quotes?

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  • lostsheep82

    I now have the WT on CD rom and it goes back to 1950. If anyone needs quotes feel free to PM me, as I'd like to assist others, the way some have assisted me.


  • wobble

    Thanks Lostsheep,

    I don't have a specific need at present ,but may take up your kind offer in the future. Just a question, is it just the Watchtower mag. you have or more,and is it based on WT's CD-rom or original mags. or bound vols (which )? As you are aware some changes have been made to hide things when mags. are re-published in another format.

    Many thanks


  • lostsheep82

    It is the WT CD. A poster on JWD was kind enough to send me his copy. It goes back to the 50's and has the Insight books, Awakes, Kingdom Ministries, and year books(I think), and I'm not sure what else (just got it yesterday and haven't had time to look thoroughly). I totally know they change things on the CD roms, which sucks, and is a total cover up, but I also have alot of quotes simply from asking people and searching, that are the originals. PM me anytime, and I'll do what I can to help. There are alot of people on here who are amazing at finding the originals as well.

    Hope to be of assistance


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