Angela Montgomery's son speaks out after mother found guilty of rape

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    Son speaks out after mother found guilty of rape

    Posted: Mar 16, 2015 7:32 PM CDT

    Alan Von Webb


    A mother was found guilty of crimes against her own children that happened more than a decade ago.

    The case was difficult and relied solely on old testimony that came from a child. But the one and only witness was so convincing and so personally convicted that the jury came back with a guilty verdict.

    Alan Von Webb, 25, said he sees himself not just as a victim, but as a guardian. His mother, Angela Montgomery, moved to rural Oregon, far away from the reach of accusations Webb made against her of rape, incest and abuse.

    Webb had reported to the Department of Children's Services on six occasions as a child, but was never removed from the home.

    Webb had moved to Arizona, was making great money and had a great girlfriend, but what happened 10 years ago in Rutherford County wasn't behind him.

    "I knew there were people I had to protect that couldn't protect themselves," Webb said. "That people had done that for me. And I owe them the same courtesy to say, hey look, I'm going to protect you. Now I'm old and I'm strong and I'm going to make sure what happened to me doesn't happen to you.

    "To stay out there living the good life while other kids are suffering through what I did ... it would be living a lie," Webb added.

    Webb went to Murfreesboro police with his story. They not only believed him, they arrested Montgomery.

    Nearly two years later, Montgomery was convicted on six counts of raping two of her children.

    The entire case hinged upon Webb's testimony.

    Attorneys said circumstances often make child rape hard to prosecute.

    Webb said he would have much preferred to love his mother, but instead prosecuted her without an ounce of hate.

    "I'm not even mad at her anymore. I'm just disappointed," he said. "Because she gave in to desires that are unhealthy. And instead of fighting that and being the mother she was supposed to, she gave in to her own gratification, instead of doing what you're supposed to do as a mother, which is protect your children."

    Webb thanked prosecutors Hugh Ammerman and Sarah Davis and Murfreesboro detectives Tommy Robbers and Wayne Lawson. He said he was fortified by those four people and encouraged in dark moments.

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    This woman needs to go to jail for a lonnnnnnng time!

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