Real Truth=Antichrist

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  • cameo-d

    Kind of confused about this....but according to info that WT puts out about "apostates", doesn't that make those who know the real truth, the "truth about the truth" the anti-christ?

    Now, I know some are athiests, some are still on a search, some have gone over to other religions,and some just believe in Jesus without following any doctrines of a religious group. What I am asking is, will all churches as well as WT consider anyone who does not belong to a religious institution as being "the antichrist"?

    Anyone who does not accept basic christian doctrine like: God is good; we are "saved" because of a death ritual; the drinking of blood/wine communion as evidence we go along with the orders of a blood thirsty god;and we will do whatever our religion tells us is necessary to serve this absentee god...... if we disagree, then we become the antichrist?

    Well, to me, if that's what it means, I can't see where antichrist is a bad thing to be.

    But really, it seems to me like THEY are the anti-christ.

    So when the bible speaks of it really talking about us or them?

  • wobble

    With no evidence to the contrary view, I take the name "Anti-Christ" literally as those who reject the reality or teachings of Christ,so an atheist who accepts that the teachings attributed to Christ ,i,e love your fellowman etc. are good is not the anti-christ,those that twist his plain teaching like the WTS plainly are !



  • sacolton

    Anyone who rejects the deity of Jesus Christ would be considered "anti-Christ".

  • frankiespeakin

    My guess is that the antichrist was ceaser or rome?

  • Anti-Christ

    Yes according to the WT anyone who does not accept their teachings are the Antichrist. Their logic is that they have the real teachings of Christ so if you reject them you reject Christ. It's the us against them cult mentality. For others the Antichrist are people who reject Christ. It can be a group of people or just one individual. Some believe that it's Oprah....It's all just nonsense. There was no Christ so there is no Antichrist, well except for me of course.

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