So the Nigerians do have money after all!

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    Ever get pestered with those emails telling you there's the opportunity of a lifetime for you if you would just help some helpless Nigerian repatriate untold millions?

    Seems like it was all in a good cause if this news report is to be believed!

    Nigerian consortium shows interest in Newcastle

    By Soccernet staff

    Updated: September 22, 2008, 6:52 PM UK

    Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has appointed investment bank Seymour Pierce to handle the sale of his ailing club. The news comes on the same day that a consortium of wealthy Nigerians declared their plans to launch a takeover of the Magpies.

    Mike Ashley The London-based bank has been drafted in as the billionaire attempts to offload the business he bought just 16 months, for £134.4million, following demonstrations by fans in the wake of manager Kevin Keegan's departure earlier this month.

    According to reports in Africa, a Nigerian company has accrued £350million to launch a potential takeover and are bidding to secure the remaining funding which would improve their chances of a successful purchase.

    Chief Executive Officer of NVA Management, Chris Nathaniel, whose company are handling the deal, wants to make Nigeria the first African country to own a Premier League club.
    He told KickOffNigeria: ''All along I have been working hard to get wealthy and football loving Nigerian entrepreneurs to buy the club since Mike Ashley indicated his willingness to sell the club to the person, people or entrepreneurs who can meet the £400million selling price of the club.
    ''Right now I am happy to tell you that well meaning Nigerians have responded and the consortium of Nigerian entrepreneurs has so far contributed £350million to buy the club

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