Which one of these artifacts, if found, would make you believe?

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  • free2beme

    Many know, I am not a Christian and see all religion as myths born from other myths and piled on with folklore. At the same time, I love archeology and like many others, enjoyed the Indiana Jones movies and so on. So I wonder, if you were like me or someone with the same similar disbelieve in Christianity. Which artifact would bring your beliefs in to question the most, if the news came on today and said they found the artifact and had absolute proof it was the one mentioned in the Bible, etc.

    Noah's Ark - Would the fact that there was evidence of a world wide flood and Noah do it?

    The Ark of the Covenant - If it was exactly as the Old Testament described it and found in it's full golden glory, do it?

    The Holy Grail - If they had the cup that supposedly caught the blood of Jesus Christ himself, do it?

    While I am aware there are supposed evidence of some of these things and when you watch those history channel programs, or special presentations, you would think some are real already. The fact is, none of the above three have ever been found and remain only part of human history myth or Bible stories. What if that changed though?

  • dawg

    Mary's virginity would make me believe... especially if she lived here in Athens Georgia, there are no virgins here! LOL

  • LisaAnn

    Noah's ark would only confirm that there was a massive flood in the area of Mesopotamia.

    The holy grail would be what, an ancient cup? Uh... yeah.

    Now, if the ark of the covenant gave me piles when I looked upon it... that might make me a believer!

  • Gregor

    An affadavit signed by Jesus Christ and notarized by a legally registered agent of the Roman Empire. It would be best if this document was dated shortly AFTER he was resurrected. The statement should include some reference to the crucifixion experience and, ideally, how he felt about Peter with his little chickenshit play when he denied even knowing him.

    This would be terrific.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    They are all relics of ancient cults and have no meaningful use except to make believers of modern day versions of those cults happy.


  • wobble

    I didn't know what an artifact was but a friend told me "Picasso had a "Blue Period" that's an arty-fact"



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