Jehovah's Witness Shot Dead; Daughter's Boyfriend is Suspect

by Kenneson 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • Kenneson

    In Cornwall, United Kingdom

    See "Businessman shot dead and wife critically injued at country home"

  • Mandette

    so tragic.....


  • Atlantis


    Thank you for posting! Yes, tragic!


  • Kenneson
  • Quester55

    This is such a tragedy. No one can deny that. However, watch the Witnesses take this as fodder for their twisted views on love and romance. One witness should only marry another witness because the "worldlings" are all so evil and will kill us all! I got an email the other day from a sister in which all good little witnesses are cautioned to avoid the worldlings at all costs!! Oh they get on my nerves so damn much!!! What about all those fine, upstanding Christian witness brothers who beat their wives, cheat on their wives, mistreat and rape children. (Shhhhhh...we don't want to talk about that, right?)

    The Witnesses would rather a single woman who wants to be married stay single for the rest of her life than marry a man who is not a witness. In fact if yousay you've met someone, the first question you getasked, "Is he a witness?" and when yousay no, they drop their eyes and shake their heads and make those sad little clucking noises and say "Sister, would;nt it be better to wait for Jehovah send you a good christian brother?" To which I replied, how do you know this isn't the man for me? Maybe he is, maybe he ain't. But why do I have to be lonely? There aren't any suitable brothers. Either they are too old, too young or just downright weird. The few, ( and I mean few) who might be alright think that they are God''s gift to womankind. ( Nevermind that most of them work part time at Wal-mart stocking the shelves. Not a putdown on anyone who happens to do that, y'all know what I mean.) I've noticed that a lot of them are more interested in sisters who have good paying jobs, late-model cars and their own home. I wonder if thats just a West coast thing or is that all over?


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