What are the various names for WBTS leaders?

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  • middleman

    I know some but not all. I'm doing a blog on this and would like to know all of the names and in order up to the GB.

    Here's what I know so far....Publisher, Pioneer, Ministerial Servant, Elder, Circuit Overseer, PO (what's it stand for?), Governing Body.
    What's the names of the others I missed and in what order please?

    Thanks for your help.


  • Confucious


    What gets me is if you ask the avererage JDub what their hierachy is... the would say, that "there is none."

    But we here know - there is a difinitive pecking order.

    You listed them there-abouts right.

    BTW, PO is under CO.

    It goes...

    Presiding Overseer - (under CO - he is the master of the body of elders)

    Then CO... then DO (District Overseer).

    Above that... there are probably a bunch of other "my D!CK is bigger than your D!CK positions..."

    But yeah... as far as I know - it goes from DO to GB.

  • middleman

    Thanks for your input. I just read in a 1990 Watchtower where the WBTS is talking about the Catholic church and all of it's leadership titles. The article goes on to say that these various titles are from pagan roots. It also says that "true Christians" won't have multiple leader titles. It actually balks at the way the Clergy breaks away from the "common Christian" class. Hmmm sound familiar?

    Little folk...other flock? HAHA

  • asilentone

    Zone Overseer is the head of the District Overseers.

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    As a non-JW, I prepared a drawing that might start you off. It probably does not provide the details you require, and it is possible that ongoing changes might have occurred since I wrote it. It is available at:



  • middleman

    Doug that chart is awesome! Do you mind if I use it on my blog? I can/will reference where it came from to give credit to where credit is due. I really would like to use it, this fits PERFECT into the article I was gonna write about. He Here's my blog so you get a feel of who I am and how I write. I promise you I'm not a hack job writer/researcher.



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