What's Happening This Week at XJW Net

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  • tastyrerun

    This week I started a new social networking site for former JW's called XJW Net. I did it pretty much on a whim. It's not intended to replace sites like JWD here, but to provide another way for this community to connect and share experiences, thoughts, and friendships. In the first couple of days we've gotten to 24 members, not a massive number, but at least enough to get the ball rolling. People have started to post pictures and videos, a few good discussions have begun and some new connections have been made.

    One particular topic of discussion that I thought was interesting was started by Anthony, "Your Positive Experience with the JW Religion". I've really enjoyed reading the different views about whether one person or another was able to find something positive to take out of their association with the Organization.

    All told it's been a nice start to XJW Net. I hope we keep growing and really develop into a full-fledged community. Please come join the network and contribute!


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