The Great WTS Sleight of Hand

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  • WTWizard

    Not to mention the Grand Hounding and Recapture Program that is shaping up to start this spring. It is in the 11/2008 Kool-Aid Washtowel, and soon will be studied by the witlesses. Thus, if you do not return, they are going to get you.

    As for poor Satan? All he would do is create opportunities for me to get sexually involved (which is what I wanted in the first place, but that Almighty Baghead Scumbag Jehovah methodically destroyed every single one of them to this day) with the opposite sex. And get me fabulously wealthy, by allowing me to use my brain to create value and real wealth for society. And to be happy. And they are telling me that they are trying to protect me from that?

    I think I would rather let Satan get me than Jehovah or any of His Witlesses.

  • Satanus

    Yes, so true. Time for another big personal turnover. Apple turnovers, anyone?


  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    I agree that's definitely the way the new version Watchtower's are sounding, but the Society could just as easily retain numbers and keep the money rolling in by easing up a bit. If they made life easier for JW's and stopped brow-beating them, JW's, and in particular the elders, pioneers, and youth, wouldn't burn out and throw in the towel so much, like they presently are in droves. The Watchtower has been fearmongering and browbeating since Joseph Rutherford took control. The recent increase in this rhetoric is not that much different from what they've always been saying.

    You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. I believe some of the GB are starting to realise that. The recent 'lighting the load' changes appear to be a testing of the water. The GB want to know what effect this will have on statistics and donations. Browbeating isn't working, so making the 'load' lighter might. They are getting desperate. The upcoming change from three separate meeting days a week to two (combined 3 meeting) and reduction in pioneer hours will probably pay a big dividend in increased publisher retention come the end of 2008/09 service year. If that happens, expect the trend to continue.

  • passwordprotected

    Interestingly, it was the 'lightening of the load' by getting rid of the private homes meeting that started my process of waking up and leaving the Org.

  • passwordprotected

    Because they cancelled meeting in private homes without scriptural basis.

    Any Christian knows that there's significant scriptural support to notion of meeting in private homes. But to remove that meeting without citing decent scriptural backing got me thinking, "where the hell is the GB leading us?" Once you start to think that....well.......

  • besty

    Will be interesting to see if the WTS make as big a deal out of 100 years of Jesus reign as they did for 100 years publishing of the WT in 1979.

    Of course in 1979 the 'past truth' generation teaching made obsessive focus on dates a valuable recruiting tool - not so much now given 'current truth'

    Perhaps guilty silence by omission in 2104 will tell us all we need to know about 1914

  • passwordprotected

    Clearly their plan is to avoid mentioning 1914! At the recent DC it wasn't mentioned at all. However, there are for sure Dubs who are alert to the fact that, jeez, hasn't time moved along....

  • yknot

    I think the GB & lawyers are taking a good look at the LDS.

    The Mormons have managed to be doomsday, separate from the world, and converting for much longer then the WTS.

    They have 70% retainage too.

    If the WTS incorporated some of their more successful ideas with our more palatable doctrinal conversions (read no planet Kolob, just Arianism and the Michael thing) it looks to be quite 'prophet-able'.

    I understand where you are coming from but the WTS is dominated by personality. Ted has been known for his hardline views for decades. While he did hand pick the newer GBs, they are getting restless for their own influence.

    This is why we are seeing the hardline tatics alongside changes. One day Ted will be dead, infirmed or out voted.

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