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  • booby

    Re: Family Study... both parents report time Hi, I agree it takes much more time than one hour every week. I have a baby 11 months old. I try everyday to make him sit and listen as I read bible story book to him. Believe me.. it is really tough. I only wonder will things get better as he grows up or will it become more difficult for me to make him sit and study. Rgds,

  • shamus100

    I'm assuming this is off an email, or message board?

    It sounds made - up. Therefore, it probably is a 100% legitimate Jehovahs Witness. Only a witness would be stupid enough to read to they're baby for one hour and expect him/her to pay attention.

    Perhaps the parent should spank the 11 month old and get a good head start on the exceptional parenting skills Jehovahs Witnesses have.

  • booby

    yes, from a message board, but the stuff on there seems legitimate, I did wonder if this one was off to but there is a name to it. A new one could be that clueless I think.

  • shamus100

    Jehovahs Witnesses are not the sharpest tools in the shed. They're regurgitated answers every week at the watchtower study does not make them smart - it makes them more stupid.

    I believe they are that stupid. Absolutely.


    If the baby is in a crib or play pen..You can Witness to them for hrs!..There`s no way,they can get away..The poor little buggers are Trapped!..And..It prepares them for the Kingdom Hall!....All Praise.....................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • WTWizard

    I would hold off trying to make the baby understand the Bible story book, regardless of religion, until the baby is old enough to understand words. Let them develop regular reading skills and comprehension first--free of mysticism that religion is full of. Then, once the child reaches the age of benefiting from being read to, and you insist on reading religious material, I would go to a Christian book store and pick out something appropriate for the child. For the time being, I would skip the parts containing graphic violence (where God Himself killed thousands of people for an amoral act or He had warriors killing tens of thousands for the heinous crime of not worshiping Him).

    Under no circumstances should the child be read out of the washtowel's My Book of Bible Stories book. That book is full of graphic violence and threats of more of the same if the child does not obey the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger. That threat is much more damaging than just being exposed to the violence itself. Plus, it is extremely misleading. It tells that the only way to not experience the violence yourself is to spend all your time in field circus, refrain from doing anything else, and then you MAY (not "will", MAY) be spared (Zephaniah 2:2-3).

  • free2beme

    LOL ... that poor child!

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