I'm Interested to See how JWD Folks Comment on Videos Re Df'ing & the FDS

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    Wow... I loved this. Here we have a zealous, young JW both boldly defending the organization's disfellowshipping practice--and admitting he doesn't "follow them." What's significant is that most all JWs might say they don't follow the FDS, but this kid actually reveals he doesn't think a number of the things they do and teach are correct. He probably thinks that by utilizing the King Saul / David example and saying despite his disagreements he'll continue to adhere to their "guidance," he's protecting himself from any negative consequences...but if I were him I'd think again. The right elder sees that second video in which he more than once says he disagrees with the FDS, and he's in for a party in the "little room."

    The part of the DFing practice this boy hasn't yet tangled with is this: What if someone isn't a fornicator, idolator, adulterer, etc? What if they just no longer recognize the WTS as the sole channel of communication from God? What if they believe they are being fully Christian, but just not able to see evidence that the WTS represents this "faithful and discreet slave"? Is he okay with those who share a profession of Christ--without the human go-between? If he isn't--if he says there is no faith in Christ without a relationship with the WTS--how can he not see that he is actually "following" them?

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    What about the GB HARD stance against masturbation? You know the LONGER you do it the HARDER it gets to stop. but when you stop before the big load then God is truly happy and so is the wacktower

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    With this video about the consequences of early child baptism...


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    The thumbnail image for the child baptism video is suitably disturbing.

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