Is it a badge of honor...

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  • 2112
    2112 have a family member df'ed.?

    I sometimes think it is viewed that way by many dubs. I've seen many say it with pride, Ive seen those dubs being held up as examples of how faithful they are.

    Your thoughts?

  • leavingwt

    Isn't that just sick? I guess it makes them feel better. I cannot say I've personally seen this.

    I do know an active JW who told his children that their DF'd uncle is a "sack of dead bones".

    Can you feel the love?

  • Gopher

    It all depends on how popular and well-connected the JW who has this DF'd relative is.

    If they were well-regarded already, then their loyalty to the JW organization in spite of the "pressure" of having a DF'd relative is heralded.

    If they were not well-regarded, then their whole family is looked at as "weak" -- and the JW's in that 'weak' family are probably suspected of having sympathies toward their DF'd relative.

  • freethinker2009

    i don't think thats true i know a family whos son disfellowshipped and it seems more like a shame on them than anything, they never speak about him or to him its a sad state because the family was so close, of course they will say it his fault for falling in love with someone who is not a witness. Even the love of the family is conditional in this organization. What a waste of time..........

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