Dialogue regarding blood between an active elder in the United States and the governing body on the subject of blood transfusions.

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  • wannaexit

    This type of correspondence between a rank and file member and a governing body member is unheard of today.


  • Magnum

    I read the letters a year or so ago and found them fascinating. I downloaded copies of all of them to save. I was going to start a thread here soon and ask whether anybody knows what happened to Jensen. He seemed to be really sincere and honest and concerned about the truth. He also seemed not to fear the org - unlike most JWs. If I remember correctly, one of the later letters indicates that he renounced his eldership.

    So, does anybody know whether he is still a JW?

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    Very long read. But very interesting.
  • pbrow

    With that kind of organic questioning I do not see how someone could possibly remain a member for ANY reason. This kind of mental gymnastics is par for the course. I detest the incompetence these men stand for.


  • John Legend
    John Legend

    For the record, if anyone is interested to get copies of the original Jensen letters you can download them from here: http://web.archive.org/web/20110815151308/http://ajwrb.org/watchtower/index.shtml

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