QUESTIONS FROM READERS: Wildlife in the New World.

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  • compound complex
    compound complex


    Dear Brothers:

    While not receiving endorsement from the "Faithful and Dis-
    creet Slave," I proceeded to do research outside the Society's
    publications on the strangely carnivorous habits of wild-
    life in my region of California. Though I did research back
    to the time of Pastor Russell, I could find nothing on
    how their belligerent behavior might be reversed in the New

    Can you refer me to ANY publications that might
    answer this question?

    Brother Etude

    Dear former Brother Etude:

    Thank you for your question. While it is commendable that
    you are a thinking person, and a studious one at that, the
    true question at issue is, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?"
    Going beyond the admonition of THE CHRIST, however in-
    nocent your query may appear, jeopardizes your entry into
    that blessed Theocracy, The New World, whose keys the
    Governing Body holds.

    The only wildlife with which you should be concerned is that
    which will surely pick the flesh off your rebellious, dead bones.
    In the meantime, you must be dealt with regarding your rap-
    idly declining status in your local, now-compromised congre-

    We have your "number," as well as your number. Please expect
    a visit from your loving elders within the next 24-hours. We have
    made them aware of this dialogue and have entrusted them with
    full powers of execution.

    Your Loving Brothers (THE CHRIST),

    The Governing Body (of your every move)

  • compound complex
  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hey Etude Dude,

    Something doesn't smell right here. Maybe the GB came down on you a little hard about outside research, but, HONESTLY! In all the reading you claim you did you didn't once come across any references to 'the lion eating straw like the cow or bull' - whatever? I'm no scholar but you had to read something in the publications about the peace and no harm in God's holy mountain. No more lamb chops.

    Like I said, something seems fishy here. Like these questions are made up by imaginary people and not really thought through thoroughly and stuff.


  • wobble

    I remember a friend of mine in the early seventies showing me a Q from R's which must have come from the early sixties,he pulled it out of a bound volume,the question was much the same,how will it all work,food chains etc,the answer was basically "DON'T ASK AWKWARD QUESTIONS" !!!

    This is a stance the WT maintains to this day.



  • choosing life
    choosing life

    They can't explain something that would alter the physical world to the point of extinction. Except maybe to wait on Jah.

    Was that rabbit playing with the snake? Funny, I would have thought it would have run away. Just the oposite happened. How are we to understand this?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, wobble and choosing life, for your replies.

    Sorry I can't think of a decent reply at the moment other than that no explanation is often better than one by the Society!


  • MissingLink

    Crazy video! I was sure the rabbit was going to be the snake's breakfast.

  • poppers

    Now we know where that rabbit went that attacked Jimmy Carter.

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