2008/2009 Special Assembly Day Program

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  • truthseeker

    This has to be one of the most boring programs ever! Youths get just 15 minutes attention from the "faithful and discreet slave!"

    Does the program

    Help youth?

    Single parents?


    Social activities?

    Economic hardship?

    Getting a job?

    Nope, just ministry, ministry and more ministry

    “Keep Watching The Ministry…………that You Fulfill It” Col. 4:17

    Program 2008 - 2009

    Morning Session

    9:40 Music

    9:50 Song No. 148 and Prayer

    10:00 Keep Your Ministry to the Fore

    10:15 Overcoming Challenges to Our Ministry

    10:40 Cultivate What You Have Planted

    10:55 Song No. 43 and Announcements

    11:05 How We Recommend Ourselves as


    11:35 Dedication and Baptism

    12:05 Song No. 202

    Afternoon Session

    1:20 Music

    1:30 Song No. 48

    1:35 Experiences

    1:45 Watchtower Summary

    2:15 Young and Old Enjoy the Ministry

    2:30 Youths Who Fulfill the Ministry

    2:45 Song No. 47 and Announcements

    2:55 Highly Esteem Your Ministry

    3:55 Song No. 181 and Prayer

  • MissingLink

    Is that for real? It's like a nightmare.

  • sf

    Where is the SOcalif assembly going to be held and WHEN?



  • Open mind
    Open mind
    Youths get just 15 minutes attention from the "faithful and discreet slave!"

    Thank God!


  • WTWizard

    This is absolutely the worst program I have ever seen in my life. Worse than even the REJECT Jesus Parties I have seen!

    All they do is harp on field circus. Do more of it, and place an inflated value on it. Go back on those calls so they can become studies and future witlesses (as if they didn't on their own volition head to Six Screens of the Watchtower and find out there the history of the Washtowel and quit, or head to Freeminds and get real-life stories of how they ruin lives). Put field circus first (ahead of health and necessary other activities). Persevere despite obstacles (like severe headaches, cars that do not start, not having money to put gas in the car, etc.) And, make sure you complete that Waste of Paper Drive this time!

    Everything is about getting out in field circus, and pio-sneering (the 50 hours, not the new updated 35) every month. At any given time, field circus is the most important thing. And, if they have a waste of paper drive and you do not finish, you are horribly wicked and evil, deserving of nothing more than death and destruction.

    I hope to not be in the A$$embly Hell when this crap is presented.

  • justhuman

    WT era has ended...they have nothing to offer to their followers. The quality of the spiritual food of the FDS is even worsed than McDonalts. They are offering the worsed type of junk food ever

  • yknot

    So apostates, higher education, wordly entertainment & technology, booking non-approved accomodations and dwindling FS are the main problems facing the WTS today.

    Heavens forbid that it might be that the WTS message is overrated and outdated!

    I am glad this is several months away for my KH.

    I couldn't find any MP3s or notes but when I do I will post them.

    PS to those who are not in the loop the WTS wants you to know: THE SKY IS FALLING, THE ARK DOOR IS CLOSING !!!!

  • simplesally

    In the 5 years I have been at my house, I have had 2 JW's catch me at home. I have always taken the mags and have never had a return visit even though I asked if they could come back or just leave the mags at my doorstep. It amazes me that they don't come back but you know, they'd probably say if I really wanted the mags I should just go to the KH.

  • DanTheMan

    "10:40 Cultivate What You Have Planted"

    I can imagine this one - these were the assembly parts that I dreaded the most. An hour lecture about following up on any interest you may have found, when you know that 99.9% of the time they took your magazines just to get you off their porch and that they likely went straight to the trash can.

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