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  • JimmyPage

    Having gone to the last DC I realized how much I love a lot of people within the borg. But I also realized how much I hate listening to the talks.

    I've come up with two or three strategies on how to deal. One is to take advantage of the borg by going to a foreign language congregation. That way I could learn something practical (another language) while at the same time not knowing half of the drivel being said from the platform until I get fluent (at which time I could get out).

    Another strategy I'm considering is to just be honest and tell my wife that hey, I love the brothers but I just don't believe it's the truth anymore.

    Of course the third option is to either fade or just disassociate completely (which might be best for my child).

    What do you think of these options?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Anything that helps you deal with the anger from being at the meetings is good. I like the foreign language congregation idea. Maybe that's why so many are learning other languages??

    I find some meetings are fine, others (where the F&DS is rammed down our throats) I tend to read a passage of scripture.

  • garybuss

    If I can't change religions because I fear my wife, it's not a religion issue, it's a marriage issue. It's time for some SERIOUS marriage counseling with the best therapist I can find.

    If I've gotta stay in a high control religious/sales group like the Jehovah's Multi Level Marketing group, to avoid marriage problems, I've already got marriage problems that are way out of hand.

    I don't work to keep a bad deal together. I either fix it, or get out.

  • JimmyPage

    Gary if it were just my wife it would be a lot easier. I've got a lot of family and friends in as well.

  • Honesty

    Jimmy, when I left the cult I asked the ex why were my life-long JW friends shunning me if they had so much love for people.

    The wench never opened her mouth to reply.

  • pseudoxristos

    Go for the foreign language congregation. Not only will you learn a new language, but you will also learn about their culture and make some new friends.


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    I went to the Memorial for a Spanish speaking congregation about three years ago. Best Memorial I ever attended. I only understood about 1 word out of 10, but it helped sharpen my skills a bit as I followed the speaker with both my English Bible and Spanish Bible on my lap.


  • IreallydidwalkoutofaKH

    Depending on how young your children are, I would stay in and slowly time your fade with your children growing up. There are so many things that you can do now that you know for sure what the religion is all about. Most of us when attending the meetings were really confused and sincere about the issues. Then we got kicked out. For you, it is different becauce you are not confused. So you have some advantages, especially having this site behind you! I went to a wedding last week. I found my reply's to the witnesses were subtle enough to get them to think rather than for me to tell them what I believed in. Example: One person came up to me and started telling me all the bad things about someone who was studying and reexamining christianity at secular libraries. My reply was maybe he needed to confirm his faith with literature beyond a 9th grade reading level. The look on the brother's face was of disappointment he could not argue that fact.

  • lancelink

    Try a sign-language meeting sometime, most fun I ever had at the hall !

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