Feeding the Persecution Complex: 1918 Letter From Imprisoned J. Woodworth

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  • daniel-p

    This is a letter written by J. Woodworth in 1918 - one of Rutherford's companions in jail. It's kind of crazy, but then again those guys were a little loopy to begin with.


  • BluesBrother

    I enjoyed reading it. He seems cheerful, despite a cumulative 80 year sentence..

    I would have liked to have a source of the material available?

    NB the date of the letter agrees with the Proclaimers Book which says that on the July 4 they were transferred to Atlanta Georgia.

  • daniel-p

    Blues brother - I'd like to have a verified source too, but fat chance, since it's currently making the email rounds among dubdom.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    That was a well-written letter giving a "true believer's" perspective on life in prison.

    Thanks daniel-p.

    Now how about starting a thread on Britney Spears?


  • daniel-p

    OMG! I was just gonna, OM, I was just gonna.

  • AndersonsInfo

    The 1918 Woodworth letter originated from my website, www.watchtowerdocuments.com where I have placed over 100 WT related books, unusual documents and letters, many, which I'm happy to say, are currently making their way around the Internet. I can vouch for the Woodworth letter because I brought that particular copy, which daniel-p posted on JWD, home in 1993 from Bethel. It was given to me by someone in the Writing Dept. Page two of the letter is on the page somewhat crooked because I scanned it that way so I would be able to identify my particular copy.

    There are other old and interesting WT letters found on my website. Please come and visit www.watchtowerdocuments.com and enjoy all the WT related research material. Soon, there will be more to come.


  • middleman

    Thank-you Barbara for all of your valuable information. It was a pleasure listening to you on Rick Fearon's conference call some weeks back. I have used much of your information in my research and on my blog site


  • middleman

    Thank-you Daniel also for your efforts.......

  • daniel-p

    Thanks for letting us know this letter was from your website, Barbara. Which makes it very interesting, because it means that someone is acquiring this information from an "apostate" and circulating it among very active JWs! I recieved this from my mother, who always sends me the latest weird JW email, along with random spiritual admonition.

  • startingover

    Thanks for the info (shameless bookmark)

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