Have you ever done sweet revenge to JW before?

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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    A couple of times to the same AHJW. (A**holish jw)!

    I had been really slammed by the elders about going to college. My poor folks even got lambasted by them about it and I wasn't even living in their house any longer. So I ended up taking a job cleaning restaurants for Brother Di** Cheese (Not his real name). He was always hammering us to give more, work harder and get paid the same. Once we even had to go in on New Years day to "Really Clean" all of his stupid burger joints. After trying to reason with this guy for weeks I had enough and decided to let him feel the sting of losing one's time and money.

    I got it in my head that it would be fun to trash the windows of the restaurant that was closest to where I lived, so my brother and I hopped into his car and we drove there. This place had literally every side of it covered with windows that were about 8x6 feet and I had a big bottle of 50 weight engine oil I had mixed with 90 weight gear oil into my handy Craftsman Oiler. We drove by one side then the other and around front and I stuck my evil hand out the window and emptied the oiler twice. It was windy that night and when the jerk got out to do the cleaning, he found he had to do ALL of the windows instead of just the doors and fingerprints.

    Later on he was trying to get the franchisee to let him have the landscaping contract. He offered him to do it free the firsst month as a trial. Well, just as luck would have it, his lawn mower went kaput. He began nagging me about using my dad's riding mower so he could do all the places faster and with less effort. I told him to ask my dad. But because he had been missing paychecks to me and two other brothers, my dad thought it was best to not let him use his brand new rider. Well the guy pitched a fit and my mom hit him with the screen door and told him to get lost.

    Well, things went south from there between him and my brother and I. A new brother had just arrived from Bethel and without any notice he gave away half my restaurants, half of my bro's, and half of another brother's to this Bethel reject. Well, after being bullied into not going to college and forced to take employment with ol Di** Cheese, I had enough. I quit. Super Bethel Guy should be able to handle ALL mine and my brother's work. Right?

    So the big complaints came out that we left him hanging. So once again I got an idea. After about a month since we quit, my brother and I walked over to recently built new location he had acquired. We saw his old jalopy parked on the side and him sweeping and mopping the dining room. We split up to get a better angle on him. My bro went across the street and hid behing some poplar trees. I stayed on the side, closer and in the bushes.

    That dude must have known we were out there. He kept peering out the window. He would look right at me, but he couldn't see me because of the glare in his face, even though he cupped his hands around his eyes to see better. Well, he backed into the kitchen and the doors swung behind him. I darted out toward his car "LOW RUNNING" and I could hear my brother crack up laughing from across the street. (He thought I had abandoned him!) LOL

    I whipped out my valve removal tool and loosened the valve on his back driver side tire. (It was furthest from his view.) My brother came up behind me and scared me! That FU**ER! We turned to leave listening to the sweet sound of the air escaping from his tire. We were about half a block away in the Zody's lot heading home when it struck me....everyone has one spare tire. Who carries two? So I low ran back and got the front tire too. Then we went home laughing at his pending scheduling problems!

    He wrapped up a while later I heard and flipped his lid about the two flats. He called Super Bethel Guy and they had to use the little car to cart his fat a** along with all the equipment to ALL the rest of the stores. They didn't get done til 2 PM I heard. And all cleaning had to be done by 8 AM on Sundays. He also got really upset when he paid to plug his tires and all the guy did was tighten the valves! LOL

    The S O B knew it was me but he had no proof. I just smiled at him when he told me about his awful day. I told him that it was terrible how some people act! LOL

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Sounded like fun

  • WTWizard

    Good idea to let the air out of his tires. Loosening the valve core will do it, and unless you have the right tool, you can put air back in with the pump only to have it let out again upon removal of the pump. However, it is not destructive because, just as easily as you loosened it, it can be retightened.

    About all it did was waste his time and make him not finish on time. Hopefully it cost him the job, and brought shame and reproach on the witlesses.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    hahahaha tired, is your brother still a JW?

    He faded a long long time ago. I have sent him a link here and to some of the good material on youtube about the crap the wt does. He wrote me back an email and said, "You bad old apostate!" and we laughed about it. I should remind him of this little escapade. Should cheer him up.

    Sounded like fun

    Oh man it was more fun than a barrel of drunk monkeys!

    Hopefully it cost him the job, and brought shame and reproach on the witlesses.

    It cost him three of the locations and all of the landscaping! LOL I know, I shouldn't laugh at his situation even almost thirty years later, but he really did have it coming....

  • wifekeepsmeinit

    I know an unbaptised publisher who did. This publisher lost his job and asked several people in the kingdom hall if they would help him find a job and not one person would because he was told that he wasnt a brother. Well several years later he is still an unbaptised publisher but now he owns his own business, some of the same people who denied him the first time are now asking him if he could hire them. Seems like a double standard. He owns a landscaping business and wont hire a JW even though he is continually asked over and over again by many people in the congregation.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    not one person would because he was told that he wasnt a brother.

    What comes around goes around

    A sword cuts both ways

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