According to thirdwitness, the UN can be used to further true worship!!!

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  • middleman

    Okay so I just found out his UN related site is back up and and I'm checking out his revisions. On a part of his new site there's a 12 question quiz on how much you know about the UN ordeal. Get to question #9. Here's the link

    How do Jehovah's Witnesses offically view the UN?

    A. Only as the "disgusting thing"

    B. As part of a evil Satanic Conspiracy

    C. As any government that has valuable services, but must also be replaced by God's Kingdom. Represented by the scarlet-colored wild beast in Revelation.

    D. As the scarlet-colored wild beast of Revelation and, the “unclean thing” that must not be touched.


    The answer is C on the quiz, but in reality it's always been published as D. It also says when clicked

    "Well done, that's right!

    Just as the first-century Christians obeyed, respected, and appealed to the “beast” and “disgusting thing” of Rome, modern-day true Christians similarly view the UN as yet another government that SHOULD be respected — AND USED, WHEN NECESSARY, to FURTHER true worship."

    Question, can I also use the YMCA, Vatican, ANCA, OSCE, CESNUR, etc etc, to further true worship? How does one go about using the UN to "further" true worship?

  • cameo-d

    Is this really any surprise? Didn't you know it was coming?

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