Watch Tower Society V. City of Allegheny (1904-1905)

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  • cabasilas

    Just came across this legal decision from a tax battle the Watch Tower Society was having with the City of Allegheny (PA) in 1904-1905 at Google Books. It's from:

    The Pittsburgh Legal Journal, published by the Allegheny County Bar Association.

    It can be found at:

    The decision is on pp. 222-224 of the journal or on pp. 239-241 of the PDF that can be downloaded. I've just skimmed it for the moment. One interesting tidbit describes those who lived at headquarters in Allegheny:

    "The persons engaged in the work receive an allowance of one hundred and twenty dollars per year, with the exception of one, who receives forty dollars per month..." (p. 223)

    Was Russell the exception? Whoever it was received four times the allowance of the others.

  • cabasilas

    For those interested, a PDF of just the decision can be downloaded from this filesharing site:

  • Atlantis


    Great find cabasilas! Interesting how some of these old journals can reveal little tidbits of info.


    Cheers! Atlantis!-

  • garybuss

    Interesting! Thanks! Good find!

    The charter says only the directors can allocate resources received from Watch Tower Corporation non-profit tax status operations . . . but the Watch Tower Society says in print that a third party body of governors who are not directors (or officers) in the corporation(s) are allocating resources. What's the deal with that?

  • jaydee

    Thanks again cabasilas...

    For those who need it, this works well

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