Anybody know why a show time states TBD?

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  • Sparkplug

    Just asking. I have tickets to a concert and I know it is in wake of Ike and Houston is a mess...but on a trivial side, the concert her in Dallas midweek has TBD on its time. The same for an Albuquerque show. Does anyone know why the roster does not state a time?

  • Sparkplug

    So I am wondering if I just show up at 5 or 6 then perhaps I won't miss it if it is at 7 or 8. lol No way am I missing Santana again.

  • tijkmo

    sometimes an event will say TBC which means - to be confirmed

    but if the tickets are printed then the times are usually set already.

    unless it stands for to be decided..or someother word beginning with D

    anyhoo only way to guarantee you will see it all will be to get there in plenty of time like you are planning.


  • worldtraveller

    Basically means "to be determined". No specific date available at that time.

  • Sparkplug

    Thanks peeps. Maybe, they will say on the ticket time when it gets here. They are not here yet, and it is Wed. coming up. BUT I did just get them this last of the week. It would be great to know the time.

  • Uncertain

    Live Nation says doors open at 6:00, music starts at 7:00. I got there by Googling Santana, looking at the gig for the date and clicking in a bit. Enjoy the show!!!

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