When did the Preparing for Child Custody Cases booklet get published?

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  • asilentone

    I would like to know. Thanks!

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  • asilentone

    Thank you!

  • cabasilas

    As I understand, there's a newer version of the booklet currently available from the WT Society. I haven't seen it, though perhaps someday soon it'll be leaked.

    There's a refutation of the 1988 version available from Witness, Inc.

  • asilentone

    I agree with you that the newer version should be leaked sometime soon! I would like to read it .

  • V

    This booklet is referenced in the lastest Watchtower Comments video on Baptism (see below).

    I know how to get you a copy if you PM me...


  • blondie

    It is noteworthy that the WTS never mentions this publication by name in its WT-CD. This is a description of it and its existence.

    *** km 2/07 p. 7 Announcements ***

    A packet of legal material is available to assist publishers who are involved in lawsuits over child custody and visitation matters in which our religion is under attack. The packet should be requested by the body of elders only in a case in which it is evident that the publisher’s religious beliefs will be at issue. For those facing secular issues on child custody or visitation, helpful information can be found in Awake! of December 8, 1997, pages 3-12; in Awake! of October 22, 1988, pages 2-14; and on the chart found in Awake! of April 22, 1991, page 9.

  • cabasilas

    When the first booklet came out in the 80s, all you had to do to get one was write a letter to the WT Society and enclose a small contribution and they'd send it on to you. Of course, if you sounded like an outsider you wouldn't get one. That's how the first one got leaked.

    Now they require the body of elders to request the newer booklet. Still, somewhere, someday, someone will make a copy of the new one and leak it to those of us on the outside.

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