Do JWS violate Bible laws on blood?

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  • Fisherman

    .."except these necessary things, to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols and from blood and from things strangled...." Everyone that eats meat also consumes some WHOLE animal blood with it and that does not violate the Bible injunction on blood. God allows it. With that in mind, one could reason that it is not sinful to consume some animal blood. WTS teaches that the only approved use for blood is sacrfice and that is it. WTS also teaches that the blood injuctions is on all humankind. - see Insight on Scriptures (copyight) under Blood. Keeping in mind wts teaching that only proper use of blood is for sacrifice, logically it is a misuse of blood to fraction it or otherwise use it for any purpose whatsoever other than sacrifice, including the manufacture of vaccines and serums and all medical and non medical use . There is no clause in the Bible that allows humans to misuse blood in that way or in any way. Humanity benefits from medical misuse of blood in our modern age and many lives have been saved and diseases prevented as a result of medical misuse of blood. Jws are also beneficiaries of blood misuse. WTS reasons like this: "THEY misused it and they have to answer to God not us" and that justifies benefiting or using a product that has been produced flagrantly violating a law enjoined on all humanity. If one sincerely wanted to obey the Bible injunction on blood (as the wts interprets the Bible) a person could not use any blood whatsoever for any purpose whatsover. Yet this would result in many deaths and disease if humanity obeyed the Bible in this way. Is this what God wants? I can understand if one had a choice, but medical misuse of blood is the ONLY way that SOME major diseases are prevented and lives saved. Therefore, in conclusion, jws misuse blood directly or indirectly (except blood transfusison) like all the rest of humanity. Children vaccines, vaccines, antivenom, blood fractions,.. are some of the lifesaving ways that jws use misused blood or misuse blood. Everything considered, I do not want someone else's organs or body fluids including blood in my body, but in desperate situations, desperate measures. I want to live!!!!! Of course, there are many things that I would never do even if my life depended on it, but is blood misuse one of those things? Does God want us to choose death over misusing blood? Is that the purpose of the Bible laws relating to blood?

  • Shawn10538

    I ran into a slew of The Noah's Ark Cult (Dubs) at Hometown buffet and sat right next to a bunch of them. I struck up a conversation with a brother and told him how much whole liquid blood he was eating (approx. 10ccs) in his ham. I was telling him and he continued to pile it right in his mouth as he I was saying it.

    He said that cooked blood is ok to eat! hahahaha!

    Then I stood by the meat cutting station and remarked to every person with a blue badge how meat is essentially saturated with blood. Not a one even hesitated to continue to pile on (and man did they pile it on!) stacks of fresh cut meat of all kinds.

    When I got back to my table the whole large family had moved.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    One observation that has to be noted is the JWS use and are applying a old Mosaic law from the old covenant that was suppose

    to be set aside when Jesus arrived and a new covenant with his followers was established.

    You might say the JWS follow the laws from their chosen lawyers above all others, well at least in this issue.

  • lavendar
  • lavendar

    Blood is sacred to God because it is a symbol of LIFE. So.....what means MORE to God? The symbol.........or the ACTUAL LIFE of a person??

    It's pretty much a no-brainer.


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