former Jehovah's Witnesses survey September 13 conference call

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  • kool aid man06
    kool aid man06

    Millions of people have left the Jehovah's Witness organization. How do these former Witnesses fit into the world outside the organization? On Saturday's call we are going to find out. A series of questions will be asked such as, "how has your life changed since you left the org.? Another question might be "Do you still think the Witnesses might still have the truth"?. Do you now celebrate holidays?, Has your morality changed? What is your spirituality like now? Would you vote? etc. and many more questions will be asked. Our overall goal is not to pry into your personal business, but to gather data on how the former Jehovah's Witness community has been affected by the Watchtower org. If you would like to be part of this survey, dial (712)432-8710 when asked for pin use 9925. The lines open at 6:30p.m.EST. Saturday Sept. 13. There is no charge for the call, just your normal calling rate applies. The program will begin at 7p.m.EST. By the way, if you don't want to participate you can still listen in.

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    Sorry, once again I won't be able to make this conference call, as I will be on the lake with my brother and neice. If for some reason we get home early enough, we might join in.

    It looks like the next scheduled conference for Sept 27, I should be home that night.

  • wobble

    For those of us accross the pond or elsewhere in the widey worldy we really would appreciate a resume of the comments on the call as you guys often do.

    Many thanks in advance



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