My JW gardener

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  • CoonDawg

    Okay, so I've had these people cutting my grass for about the last 4 or 5 months. We hired them because they were cutting a nearby neighbor's grass and ours needed it. I told my Mom about them and when I mentioned their name, she says "Oh, they go to ....hall". My immediate reaction was "Oh, shit!" I discussed it with my wife and decided, well as long as they do a reasonable job...who cares?

    So, after quite some time, last week I decided to fire them. I finally got my riding mower going again, thinking to sell it ...but decided f*ck it...I'll do my own yard and save some money. They do a crappy job anyhow. So, I cut the grass, trim, edge and finish blowing the clippings off the drive and sidewalk. As I'm finishing up, I see the crew a bit down the street doing another yard. I know that theoretically I'm next. I finish up, enjoy a glass of tea and bring my dog out to potty in the yard.

    About this time, the dude pulls up in his truck, looks studiously at my yard and says "So, someone cut your grass?"

    "Yep." I sez...

    "Who'd you have do it? and when?" he asked..

    "Me and about 15 minutes ago."

    So, anyhow...he asks me if I'm quitting their service and I say "yeah, I guess that's about right." He starts going "oh, man....I wish I'd have known. You're supposed to give me 30 days notice before stopping service." I said "sorry, but I didn't know."

    Then this asshole has the nerve to say "'s a common courtesy from a customer to a business." So, I'm like "oh, no you di-int."

    I say "Oh, you mean like a company calling someone back when they request an estimate instead of no contact at all for 3 1/2 weeks?" That shut him the f*ck up. Then he says "Oh, by the way aren't you *****'s son?" I said yes. He starts asking about if I'm a witness or not and if I've been baptized. I said, "Yes I was baptized but haven't gone to meetings in many years now." So, he gets all preachy on me. He starts saying "Well, I hope you make some positive changes in your life before it's too late."

    So, being my facetious self I say "Oh, you bet I am. Why I'm in my first semester of college pursuing a degree. I don't think it's too late, but I wish I'd done it when I was fresh out of high school...but the governing body was really frowning on college back then."

    He scowls and says..."I wasn't meaning materialistic pursuits."

    I said..." I know what you meant, but what you see as positive change and what I see as positive change are very different."

    So, he changes tactics and starts asking me why I left. I told him..." I REALLY don't think you want to hear it."

    So at this point, let me make it perfectly clear....I gave the dude his chance to run. But NOOOOOOOOOOO he had to keep poking the bear with the stick. So, finally, I walked over to his truck and let him have it.
    I told him in a nutshell that the organization was a load of crap and he didn't even realize what he was into. I even told him about the sex-abuse settelments being paid out of their donations because of their policies. He didn't know abou this so I said..."Yeah, well there's alot you don't know. Look up the court documents. The plaintiffs were represented by Norris & Love of Dallas, TX."

    Anyhow, he went to the standard argument of "well, men are imperfect and god will correct things in his time."

    I told him "That's a bullshit argument. What kind of loving god lets the liars go along sometimes until they die, leaving a wake of human wreckage and destroyed lives behind them?" He says "Well, he does correct it eventually." I said "that's a cop out. So you're telling me that these hurting ones who rely on God and the elders for comfort are just supposed to suck it up and bide their time?" He actually said "Yeah, I guess that's about it."

    So I say "So, are you going to be the one to tell my 15 year old daughter who was sexually abused by a witness in good standing who lived the rest of his life in good standing that she should just put on her big girl panties and get over it? Are you going to do that? HMMM?"

    He stammered and hymmed and hawed.... About that time, his brother - also a JW who was fired by my dad for doing crappy work...comes up. He actually said something derogatory about my dad after noting our physical similarities. I feigned some crisis in the house and left. As I left I said "guess I'll see you around. Make sure you think about what I told you."

    Good thing I live in a gated community and they can't get in to preach or do elder calls. F*ck those bastards. I guess they now know where the new 'postate in the area lives. I know it galls them because my mom is a well known witness in the area and my wife is a (relatively) active witness in good standing in the area they really can't do anything.

  • penny2

    Phew, getting rid of those gardeners was a good move!

  • Hortensia

    did you catch the switch? The topic was discontinuing his services. Had nothing to do with whether or not you are a JW which is none of his F* business, is it? So he turns the conversation to whether or not you are a JW and next thing you know you are defending your position on religion, which as I said was not his business. They love a chance to put others in the wrong. A REAL business person would have asked for feedback - was there anything he should know about his service that disappointed you, how could he improve his service in the future, and so on. Not immediately attack you and get you to explaining yourself, which is their favorite tactic. "Let's keep on topic here. I don't need your services any longer. I have no obligation to give you any notice as we have no written agreement and you never notified me that is your policy."

  • CoonDawg

    Yep, he was a total tool. Apparently, he's recently re-activated himself after several years of being inactive. Guess he's bucking for GB extra credit or something. I didn't care. Maybe word will get out to leave this gated comminity confined redneck the f*ck alone. I'll take all comers. I'm a crazy mo-fo like that.

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