The Great Apostasy is just months away

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  • Hiddenwindow

    If the rumor on the elimination of the C.O. position is true, the WT may be unwillingly creating the conditions for a Great Apostasy within. Since many of these men have served for years or decades, and hold on to the religion precisely due to the their position of power (power is hard to renounce), their deletion would make them reconsider their layalty to the Society. Many of them are unwilling or unable to make a living in the real world. What in the world is the Governing Body thinking these days?

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    It really shows how little they really care about the individual, which most here already know this. look how easily they remove those in bethel who have stayed there for many years, who have never held a real job and have no experience in making in the real world, yet the WTS don't care, as long as they make it sound like its God's will.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    that's true, plus they aren't very smart.

    Add to that the fact that there is no such thing as Jehovah's holy spirit and it's no surprise that things are crumbling.

    The Oracle

  • WTWizard

    I think it's time to drop the whole group, starting with the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger.

  • ldrnomo

    The leadership of the bORG are the bigest koolaid drinkers of all. They actually believe the crap they spout and think that their decisions are directed by God so any decision they make has to be right in their minds. That's why they do so many things to shoot themselves in the foot.

    So when they make a decision like this they are thinking that all of these CO's are so loyal to them that they will do whatever they say without any problem. You may be right in thinking that there will be a great many of them who jump ship and turn on the bORG. I think there may be some but not enough to sink the "ship of fools" so let's just wait and see. We have an interesting perspective as we sit on the life boats waiting for survivors to jump off and swim over to us so we can help them in.

    The "BS bORG" is sinking but we're going to have to wait while the leaders continue to shoot holes in the hull before it goes down. It's going to be a slow process.


  • Mary
    Since many of these men have served for years or decades, and hold on to the religion precisely due to the their position of power (power is hard to renounce), their deletion would make them reconsider their layalty to the Society. Many of them are unwilling or unable to make a living in the real world. What in the world is the Governing Body thinking these days?

    There's probably going to be alot of disgruntled CO's when this happens, no question about it. But (unfortunately), I doubt it'll result in any "great apostasy" although there could be some fall out from it. Even though they'll be pissed off, the majority of them probably still believe this is "the Truth" and they would not want to go head-to-head with the Borg itself as it would result in their getting disfellowshipped. My guess is that when this is announced at the congregations, the onus will be put on the congregation to "support" them financially and spiritually since obviously Crooklyn has no interest in doing either.

    This is basically what happened when they downloaded all the 'unworthies' from Bethel onto the congregations. I'm sure it resulted in alot of grumbling and hard feelings but from what I can see, it didn't cause any 'great apostasy'.

    As for 'what is the Governing Body thinking these days?', I'd venture a guess and say "nothing that makes much sense." They don't give a shit about the individual Witness no matter how many decades they've slaved for the company or how many sacrifices they've made in life to do so. They-just-don't-care. It's being done for financial reasons pure and simple and how these men make their living after they get their spiritual pink slips is their problem.

    I find it interesting that while the top guns are signing off on getting rid of people they no longer want to support, the Governing Body members themselves are set for life. They'll have wonderful accomodations at Patterson, they've got their food, clothing, transportation and health care all looked after as well as the adulation of millions of members who hang on their every word. Yet at the same time, they're making the CO's positions all redundant which will put a huge burden on both the outgoing CO's (who have probably not worked in the real world for decades) as well as the PO's who will be taking over the duties with no compensation whatsoever.

    Can you feel the love here?

  • insearchoftruth

    Nothing that this org does amazes me....they have no care or love for the individual JW, just for the witness. In one of my wife's recent BS's the gal she was studying with flat out told her that it is not important what your family thinks, your husband, your children or your parents and relatives, all that is important is your standing with Jehovah...

    There is no love, no care or no compassion from the organization, and since they get the followers to believe it is 'God's' organization, there is no pushback on whatever the people are told to do.

  • LongHairGal


    You are probably right in your assessment of what may happen if the CO position is done away with. Whether or not this will result in a big shakeup or a small one remains to be seen. Probably it won't make much of a difference. I haven't heard much fallout about the bethelites who have been let go.

    I am sure there will be some who will be horrified at the prospect of having to make a living in the real world. How can I possibly feel sorry for them??? I work full time and remember the criticism I received because of this. I remember stupid remarks about 'materialism'.

    So, I have to ask myself: how many of them visited congregations over the decades and gave talks on the evils of higher education and careers? How many impressionable young people (victims) heeded this bad advice, gave up scholarships and careers and are now in middle age and regretting it every single day of their lives? How many are knocking themselves out trying to make a living or playing a game of catch-up with retirement savings?


  • james_woods

    Possibly, the CO layoff will follow the pattern of the bethel layoff.

    Remember - they first eliminated the rank of "Bethel Elder". Then, they pretty much picked whoever they thought could not work effectively for another decade or so as the first wave of layoffs.

    In essence, the seniority did not mean anything - only the percieved value to the ongoing Society needs.

    Probably, I would guess, the oldest and weakest of the CO/DO ranks will be the first to go - which may well mean that most all the older DOs go first, being replaced by the hottest of the CO brotherhood. The rest of the COs (that cannot make the grade) get offered to be a special pioneer - and the lowest of the low get to go home to fend for themselves.

    Just like the bethelites who thought they were lifers.

  • chickpea
    there is no such thing as Jehovah's holy spirit

    how is it that such a statement
    can put such a grin on my mug!?!

    drawing from mary's post....
    i cannot help but think that
    dismissing the COs and further
    burdening the POs is somewhat
    akin to shooting one's self in the foot.....

    no one has "extra" anything these days..
    so where is the "extra" time, effort and money
    needed to BE a PO on steroids going to come from?

    maybe not a death knell, but beginning
    to look like agonal breathing to me

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