Does this weeks' Service Meeting touch on how to treat df'd relatives?

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  • Bonnie_Clyde

    A friend of Clyde's, who is an UBM but attends meetings anyway, called today to say that their was a part on last night's meeting that was very hard hitting on how to treat disfellowshipped relatives. He thinks his wife was being singled out because she recently spent several days at her daughter's home to help out with her new baby. The daughter was disfellowshipped over 10 years ago for living with her boyfriend, but now they have been legally married for quite some time. The mom also had a very difficult pregnancy and couldn't lift over 5 pounds so it was important that she get some help from her family.

    Clyde's friend said he almost got up and walked out. I wish he had.... I understand that the wife is very upset about it, but my gut feeling is that she will follow the counsel instead of standing up to her rights. So much for being an organization that promotes family values.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if this was a scheduled part on the program or a "special needs" talk.

  • Gregor

    Since there was the in house situation you describe I would guess this was a local production based on small minded elders deciding to flex their pathetic muscles over their little fiefdom. Not to say that if the CO were dragged into it he wouldn't back them.

  • bubble

    Why can't they keep their big fat noses out of people's family affairs?

    I wish something could be done legally to stop them doing stuff like this.

  • daniel-p

    As Gregor said, it sounds like this was a "local needs" talk and not necessarily a KM-outlined part.

  • yknot

    Sept-Oct Service meeting schedule....

    September 8

    Song 204
    10 min. Local announcements
    15 min. Help Bible Students to Become Teachers
    20 min. Coping with Prejudice in Our Ministry
    Song 127

    September 15

    Song 94
    8 min. Local and Selected Announcements from KM
    10 min. "Be Regular in Turning in Field Service Reports"
    15 min. How Did We Do Last Year?
    12 min. How Can I Defend My Belief in Creation?
    Song 51

    September 22

    Song 104
    10 min. Local Announcements and Accounts Report
    20 min. There Exists a Reward for Your Activity
    15 min. Prepare to Offer October Watchtower and Awake
    Song 190

    September 29

    Song 45
    10 min. Local announcements
    15 min. Local Needs
    20 min. "Special Tract Campaign October 20-November 16"
    Song 9

    October 6

    Song 15
    10 min. Local announcements
    15 min. Question Box
    20 min. "Teach Others to Love Jehovah*"
    Song 132
    *Limit introductory comments to less then a minute and follow with a question and answer discussion

    October 13

    Song 174
    10 min. Local announcements
    35 min. "New Congregation Meeting Schedule"
    Song 216

    October 20

    Song 113
    5 min. Local announcements
    20 min. Maintain Joy in the Ministry
    20 min. Prepare to Offer the Nov WT & Awake!
    Song 148

    October 27

    Song 30
    5 min. Local Announcements and Accounts Report
    10 min. Local Needs
    30 min. "Personal and Family Bible Study Are Vital"
    Song 142

  • gymbob

    Just looking at that Service meeting schedule makes me want to vomit.

    I know why some of you guys still go to meetings even though you know it's not the truth, I just don't know how you do it!

  • asilentone

    What is the special tract campaign starting October 20?????

  • penny2

    Hopefully, love for the mum and baby will prevail.

    They are a cruel bunch!

  • WTWizard
    What is the special tract campaign starting October 20?????

    That is the Waste of Paper Distribution Campaign that we have been seeing all summer long. They are going to release a new waste of paper detailing God's four attributes (in lieu of God actually demonstrating them), in the name of Bible truth. Once the campaign is finished, they will put those wastes of paper in the lineup to be treated as regular wastes of paper.

    And the hounders turning their backs on someone that was living an "immoral" life? Since when is living together without being married bad for self or society? What the hounders did was blatantly bad for society--for sure, it is them that is immoral.

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