"Insights Into the Watchtower Society" booklet (1987) PDF

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    Some of us oldtimers remember when the movie "Witnesses of Jehovah" first came out in the mid 1980s. For those who haven't seen it, some clips are available online at:


    At the time, a booklet was distributed with the movie which consisted of various tracts that were being distributed by the leading anti-Watchtower ministries of the day. I came across a copy I had of that booklet the other day and made a PDF of it. I contacted Leonard Chretien (who produced the movie and put out the booklet) and he has given permission to freely distribute this booklet in PDF format. It's a bit dated, but is a good indication of criticisms of Jehovah's Witnesses in the 80s. For those interested, it can be downloaded from this filesharing site:


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    Thank you!

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    Atlantis, leavingwt,

    You're welcome!

    This might make a good booklet to share with someone who is asking for general info on some answers to JW doctrine.

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