My prayer to Jesus.. if you can't beat them, beat them!

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  • dawg

    Hell nothing else is working, think I'll pray to Jesus... you guys want to pray for anything?

    Dear Jesus...

    Please tell me that the deficit this year won't actually be $485 billion dollars as predicted in today's paper....

    Dear Jesus....

    Please tell me that this war will end soon, you know the war that Palin says was your will, the war that killed thousands?..

    Please Jesus, remove the demon of stupidity from the eyes of people like Burns the ships and EXJW4EVR, let them know that you actually want us to govern ourselves and that your "spirit" doesn't guide this nation, its we the people that does.

    Please Jesus, find it in your heart for conservatives to see how 20 years of little government interference in business makes for the likes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts, they didn't get the message you were plainly sent them 20 years ago when we bailed out the savings and loans... you know when John McCain was part of that Keating 5 thingy...Republican just can't see the clear message that you sent them.

    Please Jesus, find a way to let Republicans know that the message you're sending on global warming is YOUR message... it's how you talk to us.. so when those "evil" scientist, that hate industry say something, the Republicans will finally not squash those facts, but will see them as coming from you...from the logic you gave us, which none of them use!

    Please Jesus, find it in your heart to open the eyes of all Republicans to the fact that tax cuts don't solve everything.

    And Jesus, please allow my fellow constitutes add to this prayer...

  • DoomVoyager

    Dear Jesus, please microwave a burrito so hot, you yourself cannot eat it.


    Dear Jesus..Please keep Dawg`s frige full of cold beer..Money Eyes..And..An extra week paid vacation..Holiday..Make sure there`s lots of good look`n lady`s on the beach!..Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

  • shamus100

    Dear Jesus,

    Please get Dawg a new bong... a really reallly big one... and provide a generous amount of mother earth to smoke...

  • BizzyBee

    Dear Jeebus,

    Please, please let Burn's ego just let this one go without scorn and mockery.......

    Please Lord Jeebus, give us other posters a break.

    Amen and Halleleuja!

  • dawg

    Thank you all for your input... I really like the one about the bong... I can always use some good weed.

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