A View of China you may not have seen before (grin-especially for guys-well! most guys)

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  • fulltimestudent

    In the city of Hefei, in Anhui Province, China, there is a park planted with 20,000 cherry trees (of 40 different varieties. (Cherry blossoms are culturally significant in East Asia and popular)

    Its not quite blossom time yet, but to get an early start to spring these beautiful girls and some artists introduced another form of cherry blossom displays.




    Does that give you a different view of contemporary China

    From the English edtiion of China's, People's daily.

    Link: http://en.people.cn/n/2015/0314/c90782-8863011.html

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    This is more realistic:

  • fulltimestudent

    Oh! dear, V.I. that's terrible isn't it?

    What about this one?

    Recognise it? Of course, its London, taken in December 1952.

    As a young labourer, I recall working on the roof of a high rise office block on the south side of Sydney, with a view over what was then the industrial heart of Sydney. From what seemed like hundreds of factories, plumes of smoke rose into the sky.

    When pollution became a public scandal, factory owners claimed nothing could be done. But there was something they could do, and they did it. They closed their factories and moved them to, where ... haha! of course, China (among other places). I suppose you could say that western countries dodged their pollution issues and exported it....

    So is China now the worst polluted place on the planet?

    Here's a report from the Australian National Broadcaster (dated May 09, 2014)

    Link: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-05-08/10-countries-with-the-worlds-dirtiest-air/5438872

    Air pollution: 10 countries with the world's dirtiest air

    By Natalie Whiting

    Updated 9 May 2014, 3:31pm
    The database examined air pollution levels in 1600 cities across 91 countries. It found only 12 per cent of people were living in cities that complied with WHO air quality guideline levels.
    Almost 90 per cent of people living in the world's cities are being exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution, according to a damning report into outdoor air quality from the World Health Organisation (WHO).
    The report was more extensive than a similar database released by the WHO in 2011 and has found air quality has deteriorated in that time.
    Outdoor air pollution killed 3.7 million people in 2012 and WHO says it is now the world's largest single environmental health risk.
    Delhi topped the list of cities with the highest level of air pollution.
    Despite extensive coverage of the pollution problems in Beijing, the city came in at number 77 on the list. Among the countries, China was ranked 14th.
    The WHO says the Chinese data provided to them was from 2010, but Beijing's city government began publishing hourly PM2.5 data in January 2012.
    The WHO database examined the concentration of fine particulate pollution of 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter (PM2.5) and of particulate pollution of 10 micrometers or less in diameter (PM10).
    The concentration of air pollution is measured in micrograms per cubic meter of air (ug/m3). PM2.5 is considered the best indicator of assessing health impacts from air pollution. WHO says there is no safe level of PM2.5 pollution.
    Here are the 10 countries with the highest levels of air pollution:
    Cities with the worst air pollution
    Delhi, India
    Patna, India
    Gwalior, India
    Raipur, India
    Karachi, Pakistan
    Peshwar, Pakistan
    Rawalpindi, Pakistan
    Khoramabad, Iran
    Ahmedabad, India
    Lucknow, India
    Source: World Health Organisation

    I'm sure you noted from the above that near 90% of people living in all the cities of the world (maybe your own city) breathe UNSAFE air.

    So here's a question for you, why are you scared of China?

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    fulltimestudent: "So here's a question for you, why are you scared of China?"

    I never said I was afraid of China. In any case, the higher Carbon Dioxide emissions from China and elsewhere spread throughout the Earth. But that's off topic. So tell me, were those Chinese beauties wearing edible paint?

  • zeb
    negative vibrations negative vibrations.. when i saw the pretty ladies and the art work Im thinking hm to go to China?
  • fulltimestudent
    V.I. So tell me, were those Chinese beauties wearing edible paint?

    You can ask one, if you can try - grin - but I must warn you Chinese girls are getting a reputation of being very choosy.

    They've taken Mao's teaching, that women hold up half the sky*, to heart, and are often more interested in their own careers than their husband's.

    * Though, I'm not sure that the government has recalled that, as the top ranks are a bit short on women.

    But as a window into the way that girls, who are part of the approximate 400 million people that make up the most prosperous section of Chinese society think of marriage and men, a TV show from Jiangsu province called "If you are the one," could inform you.

    It's a mating game show and 24 girls face down, one lone guy who sometimes finds his 'one,' or is sometimes rubbished and leaves alone, often complaining that the girls have not understood him.

    Here's a few samples:

    1. Xing Xing 刑星 Pronounced Shing Shing

    24-year-old Xing Xing is a plane model and the associate director of an investment company in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Dubbed the most difficult to chase on stage, Xing had shown up for nearly 60 episodes before she was taken out by Pu Shunfei, a Paris-based bank asset management analyst who came specially for her on June 10, 2012 in Episode 240. Xing rose to stardom for her beauty and charisma which have drawn many eligible bachelors to the show to confess their love for her. Unfortunately, they were turned down without exception. Xing generated a heated debate online on what is love and its standards. Some believe that Xing is being too particular.


    Wang Chen 王琛

    Wang Chen, one of the 'Top 20 glamorous 'If You Are the One' girls' by China.org.cn.

    28-year-old Wang Chen is a music teacher at a middle school in Shanghai. Wang likes shopping, but believes that one should be a rational consumer. She first appeared on Nov. 26, 2011 in Episode 184, and quickly became a popular female guest on stage. She was taken away by Xiao Fan, a handsome young man running a hot pot restaurant in Beijing. She didn't keep her podium light on for Xiao, but was moved in the end by Xiao who persisted in asking for a date with her, despite the many female guests showed their attention for him.


    Shen Wei 沈薇

    Shen Wei, one of the 'Top 20 glamorous 'If You Are the One' girls' by China.org.cn.

    Shen Wei, born in 1985, is a graphic designer at a Nanjing newspaper.(Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu Province). Shen, who loves singing, is said to be the most beautiful guest girl on the history of "If You Are the One". She only appeared in two early episodes (Episodes 11 and 12), but is still remembered by her fans for her charming smile and unpretentious manner.


    In Australia the shows can be seen on SBS 2 usually at 6.30 or 7.30 pm. Or, you can see them via the 'on demand' section. They are, by the way, sub-titled.


  • prologos
    so, how do these ladies function freely, with millions of Chinese bachelors unable to find wifes? Obviously for the beauties, China is a way better country than India. congrats.
  • Bonsai

    Forget China. Japanese girls are waaaaay hotter and much more into foreigners. Come to Japan! Just don't come in early spring.

    Sigh. Every February and March we get yellow dust filled with industrial shit from China and Mongolia that hits Japan and wreaks havoc on the lungs. Thanks China!

  • SoCal101
    I agree with Bonsai, Japanese girls are way hotter! "Nothing like a sushi snack!"

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