High Pressure Sales or Just Hoodwinked?

by cameo-d 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • cameo-d

    How did you succumb to the WT teachings?

    If someone told you today that the timing was critical and you had to make a choice NOW.....

    Also told you that, of course, you have freewill, and it's your choice.....

    but then reminded you that choices have consequences...especially if you do not make the "right" choice

    and that the Paradise bus will be pulling out of the station at 5

    What would you do? Would you still recognize it as WT style manipulation?

  • Robdar

    I pretty much realized their manipulation as a child. But thanks to my parents, the society got to me. Even after I escaped, I still had anxiety and night mares. There is no way I would choose that religion on my own. The bus would have to leave without me.

  • cameo-d

    What do you think of the following "sales pitch"? Would you say it's high pressure or hoodwink?

    Again, freewill is freely given. All will be accepted if the realization is sincere even at the last moment.

    What is being offered is an opportunity to take advantage of a doorway of "grace", an offer of a favor, a special dispensation. Accepting this will allow the opportunity to bridge the gap of lost normal evolvement ...

    Even this special privilege may bring effects that are not anticipated though careful consideration has been given before making this privilege available. If the inhabitants of earth choose not to accept the opportunity, then it is a moot point.

    All of this must be bitten off, chewed and digested in a very large bite. Why so quickly? Two reasons: first, all previous opportunities to do this were refused. Secondly, sometimes the medicine in one large bitter pill is more effective than all the small ones. ((This sounds like an ACT NOW directive.)

    There is no way they can control a human’s ability to focus on the creation of a new reality, unless that human allows their thought process to be overwhelmed. ((you must allow yourself to be overwhelmed??No time to discern, think or rationalize. Forget logic, just accept the teaching?)

    Again, it is noted that the freewill choices of life style will have end results that must be accepted.

    There is a spiritual law book available, but the study of it must not interfere with the focus on the manifestation of the new paradigm.

    A very basic outline will not seem to be enough but if more is attempted it will be contaminated with the concepts of the present. ((Is this the carrot? Jump on the bus NOW and we will tell you more about it as time goes on...BUT you have to committ first.)

    The alarm clock is ringing. It is time to wake up and begin living in the joy of creating the new future.

    Again, free will is the controlling factor. The advisors have available technology that surpasses any that is present on earth. These can and will be shared and abundant life will not mean tramping barefoot in the desert, unless the victors steadfastly choose that scenario. If mankind chooses to stubbornly remain within the present belief system and continue the current scenario, tramping barefoot in the desert will seem abundant indeed.

    Is the above meant as a threat? No indeed! Simply how it is!

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