Dr. Phil does a show on religious cults / brainwashing--tell him about JWs!

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  • TJ - iAmCleared2Land
    TJ - iAmCleared2Land

    Even if you don't want to be on his show (there's an option to indicate that you don't), please leave your comments to raise awareness with his staff... (if this has been posted already, my apologies)



    Are you a victim of religious cult brainwashing? Have you and your family members been devout followers of "so-called" religious leaders, only to suffer mental and physical torture in the end?

    Or, are you convinced your family member is being brainwashed by someone operating under the cloak of a religious leader and you want to get help for them before it's too late?

    If you or someone you know is a victim of brainwashing and want to appear on the show to share your story, please contact us.

  • james_woods

    I hate to say it, but are we totally sure this toolbar is not a brainwasher himself?

    And, do we really want to be associated with him? He has a pretty sordid past, if you scan it up on the web.

  • asilentone

    If Dr. Phil talks about JW, I would like to watch it on TV! Just let me know when!

  • jamiebowers


    This is a disclaimer on the cited web page.

    I'm sure anyone who would appear on the show would be backed up by many of us here with stories and information.

  • still_in74

    I emailed the show with a comment......

    Brainwashing - Cults
    As much as I would love to appear on your show and share with your audience the truths I have discoverd about the cult I was raised in, doing so would mean the end of my family, my friends and likely my marriage. I was raised as a Jehovahs Witness and continue to live this lifestyle today. My heart aches daily with the internal struggle I live with not only for myself but also for my wife and family who are also JW's. I have never questioned anything the Watchtower taught me. My entire life revolved around 5 "meetings" per week, Watchtower studies, book studies, filed service (proselityzing) etc. Within the past couple years I have decided to make investigation into the organization with whom i have never questioned. Within minutes I could not believe what I had discovered. Within a few months I had come to the absolute conclusion that the WT Society is a cult, and not God's sole channel on earth. If I were to share my doubts I would be immediately disfellowshipped and shunned by my family and friends. If anyone discovered that I had even read "apostate" literature (Crisis of Conscience - Ray Franz) or viewed apostate websites I would face the same consequence. The WTS uses fear of death at Armageddon to control its members, they place themselves as an organization between Jesus & followers, in many instances taking on Christ like authority for themselves. JW's will staunchly deny this claim, but I can assure it is all true. I live this Orwellian world of double-think everyday. Many JW's do not even understand what the WTS really teaches as they accept all teachings without question. Almost none know the history of the organization and its "dirty laundry" that it works so hard to cover up. I have contemplated suicide. I know others that have done more than merely contemplate it. I know more divorced friends than I care to. The happy world of the JW is facade. We wait for Armageddon that never comes. Millions that will never die are dead. If you are stressed/depressed about meeting attendance, field service, personal study, the answer is to do more of it. The real reason for your depression is that you are hiding a secret sin, or you do not have enough faith in Jehovah. I am an active Jehovahs WItness, I know the truth about this American Cult and I can assure that I am not alone. I live the lie because it is all I know. If I leave I am all alone in a world I do not understand because I was taught to fear it, that everything it has to offer is from Satan. Please assure your viewers that this is a destructive cult, and for those JW's that may be watching there is help out there. PLEASE use your show to expose some of the history of the JW's. They will never watch an apostate show but they may leave the Dr. Phil show on and get the only glimpse into the true history of this cult.
  • imissmaine

    Awesome! I wrote to the Dr. Phil show the day after I heard about the elder blowing himself up and the KH asking him to do a show on cults like the JW's. Hopefully some people will write and be willing to participate! Would love to get some very negative press on the JW's!

  • gymbob

    I can't stand Dr. Phil, but I'd love to see him go after the WTB&TS.....

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Perhaps Barbara Anderson might be a good candidate, can someone contact her?

  • gymbob

    Wha happened~

    X-L-N-T !

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    dog patch might be a good choice as well

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