Grandma's birthday

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  • Junction-Guy

    Today is my grandma's birthday. I plan on calling her up and wishing her a happy birthday, but I feel kind of weird about it.

    You see my grandma is a JW (in name only) she doesn't attend meetings, only the memorial and only when she is with her brother in Kentucky. Yet she is strongly pro JW, anti blood, anti-christendom, etc etc.

    On the other hand she is patriotic to an extent and supports the VFW and American Legion and beieve it or not salutes the flag when watching a parade.

    she has sent me several birthday cards over the years, but I don't ever recall her actually saying "happy birthday" to me.

    I still feel odd wishing her a happy birthday, because I never know how she will react. When I have done it before, I kind of downplayed it, and she in turn kinda downplayed it too.

    I guess she is what you call a cafeteria witness, picking what she likes and discarding what she doesn't.

    Anybody experiences anything like this? In the JW world I never knew anyone like her, especially to the extent she is.

    I will wish her a happy birthday, but it always feels odd all the way around.

  • snowbird

    My mother, who died in 2005, was a JW in name only. She did all those things that she supposedly left behind in Christendom. If only the elders had known! Or, did they?

    I think she only converted from Baptist to JW because she liked and admired me so much.

    When I see her again, we'll have so much to discuss.

    I'll bet your g'ma will love having you wish her a happy birthday.


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