Couture's treatise refuted

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  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    You can obtain a copy of Carl Olof Jonsson's refutation of Philip Couture's treatise at:

    (See note 53 in version 4 of Carl's book Gentile Times Revisited, p. 310.)

    I would be very very greatful if someone could provide me with a clear copy of Couture's treatise.


  • scholar

    Doug Mason

    Carl Jonsson's so-refutation of Couture's treatise is incomplete because it does not deal with the most important issues suvh as the 'seventy years'. Also because Couture's treatse is impossible to locate and source such a refutation has no value whatsover. On esuspects that Couture's research is very damaging to NB chronology and so critics of WT chronology have gone to various lengths to conceal this 'smoking gun'.

    scholar JW

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason


    Let us hope that someone is able to provide us with a copy of Couture's treatise.

    One can imagine motives, but to do so is to rely on the sand dune of speculation.

    I will not enter into a discussion of the "seventy years" here, since that would be off-topic, and I shall meet with you elsewhere at a more appropiate location. Besides, if COJ did not address the topic, that would make it inappropriate to discuss the subject here. On this Thread, I am simply advising that COJ's refutation is available.


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